As stated on the Auspice page, a Garou is not 'cursed' with the lycanthropy disease, nor do they pass on their 'affliction' to others with a bite or a swipe of claws. Garou are BORN. There are a plethora of creation mythos and stories of how the Garou came to be. They are neither human, or wolf, or spirit, but a mixture of all. They are the Chosen of Gaia and they walk with one foot in the realm of spirit and one in the physical world. They come from all backgrounds and races, and they can be born of mankind or wolves or forbidden affairs with each other.

Werewolves are both wolf and human; these halves of their souls cannot be pried apart or even divided down a sharp line. Having said that, though, each werewolf is born to a particular breed and raised in a certain manner depending on that breed. What determines breed.' Simply enough, it's the natural form of the werewolf s mother, whether she's Kinfolk, Garou, ordinary human or wolf. If she's a wolf, then the offspring is lupus. If she's human, the child is homid. And if the mother and father are both werewolves, their progeny is metis. For example, Fireheart is a lupus Red Talon female. If she mates with a packmate who is Kinfolk, any Garou she bears would be considered lupus. And even if Fireheart mates with human Kin while in her two-legged form, any werewolf children from that union are still lupus. Female werewolves who bear offspring always wear their breed form when giving birth.

The only exceptions to this rule are the unlucky females who bear metis. If they didn't assume their Crinos forms, they'd assuredly die from the experience. Note too that every so often, a werewolf child is born to an ordinary human or wolf mother who may be many generations removed from werewolf and Kin. Gaia alone knows whom to choose as her warriors. Each breed has its own strengths and weaknesses, and each group has a slightly different connection to Gaia. For example, many lupus believe that their link to the Wyld is stronger than that of homids. Then again, some homids become more wolfish than human, while a few of their lupus brethren discover that they like living in their two-legged forms. Homid and lupus alike generally scorn the deformed metis as sick reflections of Gaia's own malaise. Whatever the case, all three breeds provide interesting hooks for developing unique and flavorful characters.





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