A Cabal is simply a group of mages united for a common goal. Much like a Garou pack, it can be either temporary or more lasting in nature, and it usually has a leader and hierarchy of its own. Some Cabals are comprised of members of only one Tradition, but others are more likely to include members of many Traditions. Here are some important questioins to consider when defining your mage's Cabal.

  • How did your mage get introduced to other mages?
  • Did your character’s mentor, if any, introduce her to other neophytes?
  • If the characters are of different Traditions, then whatvcommon bond caused them to stay together?
  • If they are of similar Traditions, then what diverse elements make them unique?
  • Did your character join due to similar goals, or is she now stuck in a cabal that doesn’t really mesh with  her own drives?
  • Who is the leader of your character's Cabal?
  • Who are the other members of your Cabal?
  • Who are your Cabal's allies?


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