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“All the Kindred hid from one another and from the humans that surrounded them. In hiding we remain today, for the Jyhad continues still.” - The Book of Nod

In the first nights, so sires tell their childer, the 13 grandchilder of Caine who survived the strife of the First City begat progeny in their own images, passing on their mystic arts and magical curses. Thus were founded the 13 great Clans of Kindred that haunt the world to this very night. Century followed century, and each Clan developed its own history, traditions, and lore. As the Jyhad raged and the Antediluvians retreated into the wastelands, the childer of the Clans assumed lordship of the night for themselves.

This page presents the 13 Clans, each claiming descent from a mythical Antediluvian, that comprise the majority the Children of Caine. Because the Clans align themselves by Sect, we first cover the political groups in which the Clans often find themselves. Players may select their characters’ Clans from one of these 13 templates, from one of the bloodlines or variants presented in Chapter Ten, or may choose to be Clanless (Caitiff). Each Clan has certain distinguishing powers and weaknesses, which a member of that Clan automatically adopts.


Lineage is very important to the Damned. Vampires descended from particularly illustrious sires often display peculiar characteristics, and a few vampires have deviated from their Clan in noteworthy fashion. Most such things can be simulated through simple roleplaying, or through Merits and Flaws (p. 479); for example, while the childer of the mighty Hardestadt might all display the same feeding restriction or obsessively focus on control, they do not differ significantly from Ventrue as a whole. In a few cases, bloodlines actually manifest different Disciplines or weaknesses; these are noted in Chapter Ten.

Clans and CharactersEdit

Storytellers can choose to limit players’ selections of Clan. In a Camarilla city, for example, the vast majority of Kindred hail from one of the seven founding Clans. While an Assamite or Tzimisce can be worked into such a chronicle, this requires some extra effort on the Storyteller’s part, and we encourage Storytellers to be as open or restrictive with Clan selection as they feel they need to be.






Camarilla Sabbat Independant Bloodlines
Brujah Lasombra Assamite Baali
Gangrel Tzimisce Caitiff

Blood Brother

Malkavian Followers of Set Daughters of Cacaophony
Nosferatu Giovanni Gargoyles
Toreador Ravnos Harbringers of Skulls
Tremere Kiasyd
Ventrue Nagaraja
True Brujah
Children of Osirus
  • Antitribu Clans are described on their parent clan page. For Example, want info on Brujah Antitribu? Click the Brujah clan link

† These Clans/Bloodlines are not allowed unless explicit permission is given by a Storyteller.


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