The Code of MilanEdit

I. The Sabbat shall remain united in its support of the Sect’s Regent. If necessary, a new Regent shall be elected. The Regent shall support relief from tyranny, granting all Sabbat freedom.
II. All Sabbat shall do their best to serve their leaders as long as said leaders serve the will of the Regent.
III. All Sabbat shall faithfully observe all the auctoritas ritae.
IV. All Sabbat shall keep their word of honor to one another.
V. All Sabbat shall treat their peers fairly and equally, upholding the strength and unity of the Sabbat. If necessary, they shall provide for the needs of their brethren.
VI. All Sabbat must put the good of the Sect and the race of Cainites before their own personal needs, despite all costs.
VII. Those who are not honorable under this code will be considered less than equal and therefore unworthy of assistance.
VIII. As it has always been, so shall it always be. The Lextalionis shall be the model for undying justice by which all Sabbat shall abide.
IX. All Sabbat shall protect one another from the enemies of the Sect. Personal enemies shall remain a personal responsibility, unless they undermine Sect security.
X. All Sect members shall protect Sabbat territory from all other powers.
XI. The spirit of freedom shall be the fundamental principle of the Sect. All Sabbat shall expect and demand freedom from their leaders.
XII. The Ritus of Monomacy shall be used to settle disputes among all Sabbat.
XIII. All Sabbat shall support the Black Hand.

Addenda to the Code of MilanEdit

XIV. All Sabbat have the right to monitor the behavior and activities of their fellow Sect members in order to maintain freedom and security.
XV. All Sabbat possess the right to call a council of their peers and immediate leaders.
XVI. All Sabbat shall act against Sect members who use the powers and authority the Sabbat has given them for personal gain at the expense of the Sabbat. Action shall be taken only through accepted means, approved by a quorum of Prisci.


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