You were born to a two-legged mother, who may or may not have been a werewolf or Kinfolk. You grew up among humans and learned how to live in their society. Yet something always set you apart. Other kids found you weird, and your feisty temper brought on heaps of trouble more than once. As you inched toward puberty, haunting dreams pestered your nights. Maybe you'd wake up craving raw meat or drowning in a cold sweat. Chances are, someone, perhaps a distant relative, watched you from afar and took you away before your Change, which ended whatever life you may have led. Now you know the realities about yourself and your true people. Even if you really wanted to go back, it would be too hard. You couldn't possibly explain to your human family what really happened.

Homid characters have no limits on what Abilities they may have. They're skilled with all kinds of modern machinery, like cars and computers, and they often have a knack for understanding both abstractions and concrete reasoning in subjects such as economics or algebra. In their breed form, homids can also handle silver with no Gnosis penalty. But being born human has some downsides, though. Homid characters are generally less intuitive and perceptive than lupus or metis. They're likely to rely on what they see and hear, rather than what they feel. Moreover, their innate connections to Gaia are weaker, as represented by their low starting Gnosis. Humanity has simply grown apart from the spirit world. Finally, the other breeds have some understandable concern that homids outnumber all other werewolves. The lupus fear especially that homids will prove dominant and desert their wolf cousins. This concern makes for some definite tension when the two groups tangle unexpectedly.

Nicknames: Apes, Two-Legs, Monkeys

Initial Gnosis: 1

Beginning Gifts: Apecraft's Blessings, City Running, Master of Fire, Persuasion, Smell of Man


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