Gaia's passion runs deep within your soul, for you were born in the wild as a wolf. You rose through the natural hierarchy of the pack instinctively, perhaps becoming the alpha, even though you sensed that you were somehow different front the others. Then you learned the truth: You weren't art ordinary wolf? Ybu were a shapechanger; a werewolf.

Now you run with a werewolf pack, and you try to see the world through new eyes. The human part of you is often difficult to understand; speech, for example, is layered with more nonsense than is necessary. And those strange manners! To you, every creature has a rank and place, and society is no more complicated than that. Those who rank highest eat first and expect greeting and respect from those who rank lower. Yet the homids have complex rituals for everything, from greetings to meals, and they speak of strange concepts like equality. To you, they seem to ignore the wolf in them overmuch. That's sad, because one thing you do understand is that the number of lupus werewolves lessens with each passing year. And every pup is precious.

While you have a number of advantages, including a strong body and keen senses, you also have some limitations in that you know little about technology. Likewise, you don't follow human logic and reasoning. You rely instead on the powerful instincts Gaia has given you, which is reflected in your high Gnosis. However, beginning lupus characters have restrictions on purchasing certain Abilities, since they lack knowledge about human ways of life.

Nicknames: Feral Ones, Four-Legs, Fleabiters

Initial Gnosis: 5

Beginning Gifts: Hare's Leap, Heightened Senses, Sense Prey, Predator's Arsenal, Prey Mind

Restricted Abilities: Beginning lupus characters cannot take the following Skills and Knowledges. You may, however, use freebie points to purchase them, perhaps as a result of your character's prelude. Similarly, you can use experience points to add these Abilities as a result of "training" in the course of the chronicle (which is a chance for Storytellers with a sharp sense of humor to have some devilish fun).

Skills: Crafts, Drive, Etiquette, Firearms
Knowledges: Computer, Law, Linguistics, Politics, Science


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