Some few mages go completely mad upon Awakening, or at some point thereafter. Although mental instability is by no means uncommon among the Awakened (given their incredible shifts in viewpoint, it's almost to be expected), a rare few are afflicted with a madness so potent that it colors their very interaction with reality. Their viewpoints change forever, and they find that the world they see is not the one in which everyone else lives.

Such beings are called Marauders, and they can come from any stock, be it Tradition, Technocrat or Disparate mage. Naturally, a Marader's condition isn't always noticeable immediately, and a Marauder who seems to be a member of a particular faction can do a great deal of harm by exposing that group's internal workings or becoming important and then engaging in his own twisted agenda. For these reasons and others, most mages fear Marauders. A few magicians even hunt Marauders down, considering them a threat to "controlled" magic.

Aside from their personal little worlds, in which they encapsulate their own visions of a reality different from the external one, Marauders have little to set them apart from other mages. However, with their Avatars twisted by their own delusions, Marauders change the world in ways that aren't inconsistent with their own little wrapped-up realities, and they rarely suffer the backlashes of such change. A Marauder can attract Paradox, and the more sane and stable he is, the more likely such a fate becomes, but often such Paradox simply "washes off" the Marauder without effect, when it comes at all.

Thankfully, Marauders are rare in the modern age. Those with the most insane visions, the least ability to deal with the world around them, find that the Earth is difficult for them to touch. Such maniacs exist on the rim of the spirit world, and they have long since left behind any ties to the Earth for which other mages battle. The Marauders that remain are certainly unhinged and dangerous, but more in touch with the external world (such as it is) than their wildly flamboyant cousins of yesteryear


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