Metis rank in the lowest echelons of Garou society, for they are the offspring of lawbreakers who disobeyed the Litany and mated. It's a hard, thankless life that's made no better by the fact that all metis bear some kind of obvious deformity. Most werewolves point to this setback as a mark of Gaia's displeasure; others call it evidence of corruption. A few argue that too much werewolf blood is a bad thing — no flesh can contain such pure blood without developing a flaw. Whatever the case, you've survived from a hard birth, through years of living only in your Crinos body ( the natural form of a metis), to finally undergo your First Change.

Whether your parents raised you — as an outcast among the sept — or long-suffering but devoted Kinfolk did, you're now ready to take yourplace in the sept. Unlike homids, you have a lot of knowledge about werewolf society already — the good, the bad and the very> very ugly. Your birthright has toughened your body, your heart and your spirit. Only time will tell if you maintain your dignity and honor or let your dire Rage consume you uttefly.

Metis characters have no restrictions on Abilities. Like homids, they can understand various theoretical concepts that puzzle the lupus. But like their wolf relatives, the metis also have cunning instincts. While most lupus and homid werewolves would never admit it, the metis have many of the best parts of being wolf and human.

The downside, though, is the mark of deformity that all metis bear. While a few who can do so may try to hide their defect, others reject the sham as dishonorable. They have to bear it, and so should everyone who sees them. Another flaw of this breed is that all metis are sterile; none can sire or bear children. In a race of beings that is dwindling, this flaw is ironic, especially since the number of metis has grown in recent years.

Nicknames: Mules, Bastards, Obscenities

Initial Gnosis: 3

Beginning Gifts: Create Element, Primal Anger, Rat Head, Sense Wyrm, Shed

Deformities: Every metis character must have one deformity, chosen during character creation. And while some deformities may have minor benefits, the bad should always outweigh the good. Storytellers should encourage players to choose defects that complement their character concept. Some possibilities for metis deformities include:

  • Albino- You have no melanin in your body, no matter what form you take. As a result, your skin is faintly pink, and it burns easily, so stay out of the sun if possible. Your hair is stark white (not silver) and your eyes are blood red, which makes you a real anomaly among the werewolves. Take a +2 difficulty penalty on all Perception rolls if you're trying to operate in bright light without your protective clothing or sunglasses.
  • Blind- Whether you have two eyes in the right place that don't work, or no eyes at all, you are totally blind. You fail any rolls involving vision automatically. At the Storyteller's discretion, though, you may take occasional bonuses with other sense groups.
  • Fits of Madness- Mental illness plagues you on a periodic basis. Whatever your malaise, you tend to fall to pieces when you get stressed. Make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) whenever situations get tough. Scoring any less than three successes takes you go quietly nuts for a while.
  • Hairless- You have no hair or fur in any of your forms, making you a weird sight indeed. Take a +1 difficulty penalty to all Social rolls. You might be able to avoid this penalty among humans when you're in Homid form, although some people will be put off by your complete lack of hair even then (particularly if they note your lack of eyebrows).
  • Horns- A pair of horns sprouts from your brow. They may be like those of a ram or goat, or perhaps you have a small pair of antelope-like antlers. You might even have a single short horn like a unicorn's. Whatever the shape this disfigurement takes, you suffer a +1 difficulty penalty to all Social rolls, and you are likely to be even more heavily scorned by your fellow Garou. (Horns are a mark of prey, not of a predator, after all.) If you actually try to attack with your horns (which may do Strength +1 bashing damage at best), you will likely lose some amount of Glory Renown for fighting like a prey animal instead of a Garou.
  • Hunchback-You were born with a front-to-back or side-to-side curve of your spine that's worsened as you've aged. Not only does it give you a negative social stigma ( + 1 difficulty I! penalty to Social rolls), it also impedes your movement, adding a +1 difficulty penalty to all Dexterity-based rolls
  • No Sense of Smell-You have no olfactory nerves, so your sense of smell is nonexistent. This is an unfortunate thing for a creature who relies so much on her nose. You fail all Perception rolls involving smell automatically, and you suffer a +2 difficulty penalty to track prey using your Primal-Urge.
  • No Tail- Not having a tail creates serious communication problems with others of your kind. You take a +1 difficulty penalty in all social situations while in Lupus, Hispo or Crinos forms. Likewise, your sense of balance suffers. You take a +1 difficulty penalty to Dexterity rolls as well while wearing those forms.
  • Seizures- When you're under the gun, you lose control of your body. When you botch an important roll, make a Willpower check (difficulty 8). Scoring less than three successes makes you writhe uncontrollably until the Storyteller tells you to make another roll. You can take no actions while experiencing a seizure.
  • Tough Hide-Your hide's as tough as old leather, and it's wrinkled and dry with spotty patches of hair. Your Appearance can never be greater than 1, plus unbearable itching and hot spots are constant aggravations. On the positive side, you get an extra die on soak rolls, but it's only a small advantage to weigh against your smelly, scratchy hide.
  • Wasting Disease-Your constitution is notably weak. You cough and wheeze, and you can't keep up when your pack trots along for hours on end. Take a +2 difficulty penalty on all Stamina rolls, including soak rolls.
  • Weak Immune System- Unlike other Garou, you catch almost every germ that comes along. Sniffling constantly and often suffering from flu-like symptoms, you don't have the same ability to resist damage that others have. Because of your condition, you have no Bruised health level. When marking damage, begin at the Hurt level.
  • Withered Limb-You have four limbs, but the muscles of one are atrophied, leaving it withered or paralyzed. Depending on your form, you can't walk well, and you run more slowly than other werewolves. You incur a +2 difficulty penalty on all Dexterity rolls when trying to use this limb.


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