Mage Character CreationEdit

Character ConceptEdit

  • Character Name
  • Tradition//Convention (Allowed- Tradition Mages: Akashic Brotherhood, Celestial Chorus, Cult of Ecstasy, Dreamspeakers, Euthanatos, Order of Hermes, Sons of Ether, Verbena, Virtual Adepts, Hollow Ones, Orphans. Technocracy Mages: New World Order, Iteration-X, Progenitors, Syndicate, Void Engineers. Not Allowed: Marauders, Nephandi)
  • Archetypes - (Nature and Demeanor)
  • Essence - From the Avatar, the character has a particular Essence, a specific attachment to the primal forces of the universe. This Essence shows the way that the Avatar tries to structure the Character's magic, and it drives the mage to enlightenment in particular forms.
  • Resonance - (Most mages start with 1 point of each type of Resonance. Certain merits/flaws, or a higher Arete than 1 can allow for more)
  • Cabal - (if applicableSince mages tend to come together for mutual defense and study, they often form their own small networks, called cabals. The name of your character's cabal may be haphazard, or it may have something to do with a common goal or power.
  • Arete (1, Anything over 1 needs to be bought with freebies)- A measure of enlightenment, showing how well the mage understand the cosmos and manipulates its Tapestry

Select AttributesEdit

Prioritize the three categories: Physical, Social, Mental. (7/5/3) (These stats start at 1.) (Anything Over 4 must be discussed with the ST prior to sending in a character sheet)

Select AbilitiesEdit

Prioritize the three categories: Talents, Skills, Knowledges. (13/9/5) (These stats start at 0 and cannot exceed 3 before Freebies are spent.) (Anything Over 4 must be discussed with the ST prior to sending in a character sheet)

† - Characters that have completed their Apprenticeship receive up to 3 free dots in applicable lores to represent what they've learned. These correspond to character type and may include general Awakened lore, Umbrood lore, or specific Tradition lore.

Select AdvantagesEdit

  • Backgrounds† (7) (The following Backgrounds over this limit are required to be discussed with an ST: Influence over 2, Fame over 4, Resources over 4, Avatar over 4, ANY points in the Node Background, Wonder  - Only by explicit ST approval).
  • Spheres (5 + Specialty determined by Convention/Tradition, Orphans may determine their own specialty sphere)
  • Rotes

† - If applicable. Pre-Awakened or just-Awakened mages will not have Rotes to begin with.

Finishing TouchesEdit

  • Record Starting Willpower (5), Quintessence (Equal to the Avatar Background rating).
  • Determine Foci and Paradigm - Explain how your mage views and performs magic, and what tools he uses, including Specialty or Unique foci for each Sphere. This is optional, but gives you a base from which to craft your Mage's magical workings on the fly.
  • Select Merits - This is an optional step. Merits cost a number of Freebies equal to their listed point value.
  • Select Flaws - This is an optional step. Flaws grant a number of Freebies equal to their listed point value. A character cannot gain more than 7 points from Flaws.
  • The Following Merits/Flaws require ST Approval (Note: this list may be added to if need be): Unbondable, Destiny, Guardian Angel, Lucky, True Love, Nine Lives, True Faith, Blessed, Dark Fate, Viscisitude Modifications, Virulent Strike, Iron Will, Twin Souls, Legendary Attribute
  • Spend Freebie Points (15) - A character with a written character history of sufficient length and detail receives 10 extra Freebie points to round out their sheet. Additional dots are purchased at the costs listed in the table below.
Area Freebie Cost
Sphere 7 points per dot
Attributes 5 points per dot.
Willpower† 1 point per dot.
Abilities 2 points per dot.
Backgrounds 1 point per dot.
Arete 4 points per dot.
  • Determine Specialties - Attributes or Abilities 4 dots or higher must be given a specialization for the character to receive additional successes on rolled 10s.
  • Record Notes - Provide additional information on freebie expenditures, Backgrounds, Merits, Flaws, and any other thing that requires more explanation
  • Write Character History - Chronicle the events that have shaped your character's life making them who they are. Cover their life pre-Awakening, and the impact that the change had on them. Detail their role in Mage society, and cover any significant stats or Merits and Flaws found on the character sheet. Again, this is optional, but if you write at least three paragraphs, you get those extra 10 Freebies to play with! Yay for more Freebies!

† - Willpower can never exceed 6 on a new application unless approved by a Storyteller.

†† - Arete can never exceed 3 at character creation without previous approval of the concept by the Mage ST. Also, remember no Sphere rating can be above your Arete.

†††These lists are subject to addition or change as the chronicle progresses.


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