Few words will polarize a mage as much or as quickly as the term Nephandus. The Fallen Ones are the servants of Oblivion, nightmares and the primal chaos from which the universe was vomited forth upon Creation. Individually, each Nephandus serves a lord or concept of such taint. Collectively, the Nephandi desire nothing less than the utter destruction of all reality. Theirs is a vision not of Ascension, but of Descent.

Nephandi are hated, hunted and feared not only for their dark appetites, but because they are the inversion of all for which mages strive. A Nephandus has his Avatar litterally torn inside-out, forever reversing his destiny and turning him into an agent of destruction instead of creation. Worse, any mage can Fall, and the Nephandi are always eager to gain new recruits. Traitors to the Traditions and Technocracy are labeled barabbi, and both groups hunt them with unparalleled ferocity, even putting aside animosities to fight the Fallen. Perhaps most horrifyingly, a mage's Avatar is tainted forever once he Falls. Only the Oracles would know if such a hideously warped soul could ever be saved


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