The half moon reflects the dualities of Garou natures: wolf and human, flesh and spirit, fury and wisdom, darkness and light. The Philodox is counselor, mediator and lawkeeper of the pack. Just as the Ragabash lives for laughter, the Philodox is born with the wisdom and desire to judge fairly the actions of her people, be those actions bright or ugly. She can't help but try to solve every dispute that falls in her path; such is the role Luna has destined for her. In times of peace, the ranking Philodox is often the leader of the pack. In times of war, she may well give over this mantle to the ranking Galliard or Ahroun. A wise Half Moon bears no grudge and understands that stepping down in such situations is likely for the best. Among the ultracompetitive werewolves, this behavior exemplifies her natural desire for balance and order more than any other.

The Philodox often takes the role of alpha in her pack, although it's more common for Ahroun to lead in times of war. Whether she gains a leadership position or not, she's expected to remain impartial where her packmates are concerned; it's a poor Half Moon who favors one packmate over another. The Philodox also has the responsibility to keep the laws of the Garou in mind — if a packmate is straying dangerously close to violating the Litany, the Philodox should be the first one to notice and warn him against going any further. This responsibilty extends even beyond the pack; a good Philodox is concerned with the honor of each and every werewolf she meets. Of course, it's all too easy for such Half Moons to become quickly disillusioned in these desperate times....

Initial Rage: 3

Beginning Gifts: Fangs of Judgement, Moon Lore, Persuasion, Resist Pain, Scent of the True Form, Truth of Gaia

Stereotype: Buried so heavily in her role as impartial judge and jury, others may consider the Philodox aloof and somehow above the day-to-day trials of life. Such is particularly tree of the Half Moon born under Luna's waxing gaze. The waning-moon Philodox may instead be edgy and perpetually concerned about everything around her being in perfect balance, to the point of making her packmates grind their teeth in frustration. Still, when trouble strikes, everyone looks to the Philodox for guidance.

Quote: What, another fight? I would have thought better of you two . Imagine a great warrior and a wise sage squabbling like pups'. Now , give me the whole story. And no silver-tongued words from either of you, just the facts, you hear me?

Advanced Philodox from the Book of Auspices


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