Ranks & TitlesEdit

At the Grand Convocation at which the Council formed, the Traditions agreed to a system of ranks and titles to be used across Tradition lines. Ranks rate a mage's relative enlightenment and skill with particular spheres.

  • Apprentice - Rank 1 in spheres
  • Initiate- Rank 2 in spheres
  • Disciple- Rank 3 in spheres
  • Adept- Rank 4 in spheres
  • Master- Rank 5 in spheres
  • Archmage- Rank 6 or higher

Additionally, titles may be granted for exceptional deeds, feats of magic, venerable age or even on a whim. However, a mage who cannot support her title will soon lose it.

The most common method to gain a title is through aptitude with one or more Spheres. A mage new to magic is often considered an Apprentice or Initiate, regardless of whether he receives instruction or not. When he demonstrates greater control over a Sphere, he may be elevated to the rank of Disciple. With even greater command comes the title of Adept. The exalted rank of Master is awarded to those mages who achieve the highest degree of control over a Sphere. A mage who has attained a legendary refinement of her control of magic receives the coveted and rare title of Archmage. Such recognition comes only with the acknowledgement its concomitant responsibility.

An old mage might be recognized as a Master over several Spheres, but most of these powerful mages have retreated from Earth since the Gauntlet thickened, fleeing the prison imposed within the material world. These titles recognize power over understanding, and some claim that this hierarchy encourages hubris. A mage might race to master a Sphere simply for want of power and without care for the enlightenment that should accompany it.

The Council of Nine chose these terms in 1466 to serve as generic modes of address. Today, however, only the Choristers and Hermetics even remotely support this decision. Other Traditions prefer to use their own terms. The Sons of Ether use Student, Scientist, Professor, Doctor, and Master Scientist. Several Traditions (Dreamspeakers, Verbena and Virtual Adepts, for instance), bestow no ranks at all


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