Secondary AbilitiesEdit

Secondary TalentsEdit


You’re practiced at feigning emotions, beliefs, or frames of mind. Even if you have never been on stage before, you could do an adequate job if you were ever thrust upon it. However, simply because you have this Ability doesn’t mean you use it unethically. Many honorable politicians have used it to lend power and depth to their speeches (notably, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt). You’re able to feign tears, anger, friendliness, and virtue.

Novice: A rank amateur, you can feign sickness.
●● Practiced: You’ve developed a wide range of acting ability.
●●● Competent: You’re capable of playing almost any role.
●●●● Expert: You’re certainly a professional, or have that potential.
●●●●● Master: You could win, or have won, an Academy Award.

Possessed by: Actors, Amateurs, Children, Con Artists, Evangelists, RolePlayers.
Specialties: Inspirational, Feigning Emotions, Pretend, Religious Awe, RolePlaying, Stage Acting.

Artistic ExpressionEdit

You have the talent to produce works of art in various media. You can produce salable works of two- or three-dimensional art, and understand something of the technical aspects of paintings and sketches. You’re able to sketch a reasonably accurate rendition of a place or person.

Novice: Your work is simple, seen as charmingly naïve by some and as amateurish by others.
●● Practiced: Your work could win prizes at local art society shows.
●●● Competent: You could get a showing in a minor gallery.
●●●● Expert: Your work is widely admired, and galleries contact you about exhibitions. You’re invited to teach at local art colleges.
●●●●● Master: You’re acknowledged as a driving force in contemporary art. Your work commands enormous prices, and is found in art museums as well as commercial galleries and private collections.

Possessed by: Artists, Commercial Illustrators, Cartoonists, Forgers, Model Makers, Movie Set Builders, Police Artists, Special Effects Techs, Theater Set Builders, Woodworkers.
Specialties: Abstract, Caricature, Charcoal, Classical, Decoration, Folk Art, Impressionist, Kinetic, Lighting, Metals, Miniatures, Mixed Media, Models, Oils, Photo-Realism, Resin, Set Design, Sketching, Stone, Watercolors, Wood.


This is the ability to have a good time at a party or other social occasion while making sure others around you also have a good time. It involves a mixture of eating, good cheer, and drinking without make a fool out of yourself. On a successful roll of Manipulation + Carousing, the character can make a lasting good impression on everyone around him; this can be helpful if the character is trying to make friends, garner information, or distract the attendees while his party rifles the coat room. The difficulty of this roll depends on the social event: Three or less for a house party with a buffet, seven or more for a sit-down dinner.

Novice: Good ol' Uncle Bill.
●● Practiced: Jake the Frat Rat.
●●● Competent: James Bond.
●●●● Expert: The Three Muskateers.
●●●●● Master: Bluto in Animal House.

Possessed by: Actors, Dilettantes, College Students.
Specialties: Anecdotes, Bon Mots, Drinking, Exaggeration, Lewd Jokes, Sexual Innuendo.


You have the ability to deal with people of all types and creeds. Even when handling touchy subjects, you’re able to get results without ruffling too many feathers. You’re skilled at delicate negotiations and mediating disputes, skills often invaluable to the civic-minded. In short, you can get along with others without resorting to overt manipulation and without letting your own goals fall by the wayside. This Ability involves a knowledge of the formal rules of give and take, as well as the official rules of cultural conduct and politeness.

Novice: You can iron out school yard disputes.
●● Practiced: Friends ask you to deal with things for them.
●●● Competent: You could shine in management or personnel.
●●●● Expert: You could be a professional diplomat or ombudsman.
●●●●● Master: You could negotiate high tea with the Shadow Court.

Possessed by: Diplomats, Smooth Talkers, Teachers.
Specialties: Industry, Inter-Court Relations, Mediation, Negotiation, Personal Relations, Tact.

Do (Mage Only)Edit

The Do skill represents a character's all-around dedication to Akashic training methods, with an emphasis on the Dharmamukti, or unarmed combat arts. Do is the “secret art” whose many names are whispered of in martial arts legends, the progenitor of more modern forms and the most efficient, effective style of unarmed combat in existence. As a vital part of the Akashic paradigm, it serves as the focus for much of the Brotherhood's magic. So much so that the magical and mundane aspects of the art are considered inseparable.

Strictly speaking, Do is far more than the talen presented below. Other Abilities must be purchased to learn it, and it is restricted to Akashic Brothers and very close allies. For more information click Here

Do is a Talent because, to Akashics thinking, it's a way of removing excess baggage and returning to pure, unfettered human existence. Although it's practiced, it is not a formal Skill.

Novice: Sometimes, the right movements come naturally, but usually you just respond by relfex
●● Practiced: Your mind and body work efficiently together, but remain separated by lack of understanding.
●●● Competent: You can call yourself a Tao-Shih without your master raising an eyebrow in amusement.
●●●● Expert: Reflex and perception are one. Junior Akashics call you Sihing.
●●●●● Master: You never plan your movements in advance, or use a particular technique. You are movement and technique, and your actions flow with the Wheel.

Possessed by: Akashic Brothers, their most trusted allies and their best Sleeper students. Enlightened martial artists have been known to develop it independently as well, but most of them are inducted into the Brotherhood posthaste.
Specialties: Restraining without harming, Pressure point attacks, Noncombative performance, a specific style.

Fortune TellingEdit

You may or may not have the gift to tell accurate fortunes, but you can make people believe you do. This Ability may prove useful as a plot device, a means for the character to earn money or may be used as a Bunk for casting a Soothsay cantrip. While this Talent confers no magic in and of itself, it may add to your successes; for each two successes, reduce the difficulty of a Soothsay cantrip by 1.

Novice: You’re able to use one method of divination adequately and treat this Ability as a pastime.
●● Practiced: You can use one method of fortune-telling well, and can tell someone general information that’ll apply to her.
●●● Competent: You know a lot about certain methods of fortune telling, and can tell anyone detailed information that’ll be applicable.
●●●● Expert: You’re able to use multiple methods well, and have a keen understanding of what people want to hear.
●●●●● Master: Gypsies take lessons from you.

Possessed by: Gypsies, New-Agers, Professional Fortune Tellers, Psychics.
Specialties: Auguries, Bone Casting, Goat Entrails, I Ching, Palmistry, Prophecy, Scrying, Tarot Cards.


You have a talent for passing on information and skills to others. You might have worked as a teacher, or fostered many childlings. Either way, you can explain things and demonstrate techniques in such a way that anyone who listens to you can learn easily. You can teach any of your Skills or Knowledges to another character, but you can never raise a student’s score above your own. For example, if you have three dots in Occult, you can’t teach someone enough to raise her Occult Knowledge to four dots. For the time it takes to raise a student’s Skill, roll your Manipulation + Instruction against a difficulty of ((11 minus the student’s Intelligence). One roll may be made per month of teaching. The number of successes is the number of Experience Points the student can apply toward that skill.

Example: Mavis is attempting to teach her oathmate Leanne some rudiments of First Aid so someone else can help with patching up the injured. Leanne has an Intelligence of 3, so the difficulty for Mavis’ roll is 8 (11 - 3 = 8). A student may become too discouraged or distracted with other things to pay attention to his teacher. Therefore, the student may have to spend a Willpower Point (at the Storyteller’s discretion) to keep at his studies. Frequent interruptions can cost a student a number of Willpower Points, or maybe they’ll just prevent him from learning anything (in which case, the teacher might withdraw her services).

With the Storyteller’s approval, a person can teach some Talents, such as Brawl. In these cases, it’s good to roleplay some of the training sessions. Get a few good licks in on the student and see if he learns anything from it. Talents such as Empathy or Alertness can’t be taught – they must be learned the hard way.

Novice: You can take simple concepts (e.g., basic arithmetic) and present them in an interesting and digestible manner.
●● Practiced: You can teach moderately complex subjects (such as algebra) and make your lessons straightforward and interesting.
●●● Competent: You can teach any subject of which you have Knowledge, up to high school level subjects. You can make differential calculus sound like the simplest thing in the world.
●●●● Expert: Learning from you is scarcely an effort. You could teach irrational number theory or Sumerian cuneiform to almost anyone.
●●●●● Master: You’re an inspiring teacher who bestows a touch of greatness on anyone who studies with you.

Possessed by: Mentors, Professors, Sensei, Teachers.
Specialties: Customs And Laws, Knowledges, Metaphysics, Skills, University.


You're able to extract information from people by fair or foul means. Using a mixture of threats, trickery, and persistent questioning, you ultimately unearth the truth.

Novice: Nosy neighbor.
●● Practiced: Movie cop.
●●● Competent: Talk show host.
●●●● Expert: Investigative journalist.
●●●●● Master: Spymaster.

Possessed by: Cops, Inquisitors, Journalists, Secret Service Personnel.
Specialties: Good Cop/Bad Cop, Moral Blackmail, Threats, Trickery.


You know the finer points of plotting and deal-making in the halls of power. You understand the practical use of power (in sometimes threatening, but always non-confrontational ways) to achieve your own ends. This Talent also allows you to glean important facts about others in your social circle, and to separate truth from endless amounts of false and useless gossip.

Novice: Wiseguy.
●● Practiced: Confidant.
●●● Competent: PAC lobbyist.
●●●● Expert: Vampire or sidhe noble.
●●●●● Master: High Court player.

Possessed by: Chancellors, Diplomats.
Specialties: Alliances, Betrayals, Feigning Ignorance, Gossiping, Plotting, Rumor Mill, Threats.


You can think beyond the bounds of logic. From the mere trace of evidence and innuendo you can intuit the truth. This isn’t mere problem solving. Often you can see the pattern of cause and effect (or just effect) that lay hidden behind perception.

Novice: Your guesses are often correct.
●● Practiced: You now trust your hunches.
●●● Competent: Others trust your instincts.
●●●● Expert: Your intuition is famous in your circle.
●●●●● Master: Your insight is legendary.

Possessed by: Artists, Diviners, Entrepreneurs, Feng Shui, Investigators, Logicians, Scientists, System Analysts.
Specialties: Discernment, Dumb Luck, Insight, Inspiration.


You have a versatile voice and can imitate accents, voices, and some other sounds. You can use this talent to entertain and deceive. With enough talent, almost any sort of sound can be created – the larynx is an amazingly flexible organ. This can be very useful when dealing with voice-keyed security systems or computers, but only if the practitioner is extremely skillful.

Novice: You can manage a few accents and do impressions of a couple of well-known personalities.
●● Practiced: You can do a range of accents well enough to fool anyone but a native speaker, and imitate a range of celebrities. You can do basic bird calls and some predatory animal sounds.
●●● Competent: You could do celebrity impersonations on stage. You can pick up someone’s vocal mannerisms by studying her for a couple of hours and imitate her well enough to fool anyone but a close friend. You can produce many mammal and bird sounds.
●●●● Expert: You can imitate a specific person well enough to fool someone on the phone, and pass as a native speaker in an accent close to your own. You can do a wide range of animal and technological noises.
●●●●● Master: You can imitate almost any accent, person, animal, or noise.

Possessed by: Comedians, Hunters, Pranksters.
Specialties: Accents, Birds And Animals, Celebrities, Mechanical Sounds, Vocal Impersonation.


You know the art of the deal. Whether you're fixing a sticky labor dispute, striking a pact with a vampire or convincing some blue-painted retropagan to join the 21st century, you can get what you want while making your "partners" feel as though they've gotten the best of you.

There's more to a good deal than just making an offer; You know how to approach a "partner", how to appeal to her wants or needs, how to play up to her vanity without coming off like a sap and when and how to put the screws on. If you're brokering a deal for other parties, you understand how to make them both happy while getting what you want. That, ultimately, is the bottom line.

Novice: Trading card collector
●● Practiced: Family councilor
●●● Competent: Labor negotiator.
●●●● Expert: Hostage crisis specialist.
●●●●● Master: UN diplomat

Possessed by: Diplomats, Men in Gray, Politicians, Spin Doctors, Managers, Syndicate Agents of all kinds.
Specialties: Hostages, Business, Paranormal, Bullying, Wheedling, Families, Politics, Trickery, Scams.


A new age demands new words. You specialize in coining them. Hyphens do not exist in your world; you spread disinformation, deimportantize malefactors, create credibility gaps and declare coprosperity. When the need arises, you specialize in B-52ing buzzwords and positroning soundbites for media conspicuscomp. Confusing? Not as confusing as you can be once you get going! A Social Trait-based Newspeak roll can excite or incite (Charisma + Newspeak); impress, intimidate or confuse (Manipulation + Newspeak) and even sucker skeptics by playing beauty and brains against them (Appearance + Newspeak). All hail Neocom!

Novice: Given time, you can spin out buzzwords.
●● Practiced: In a situation, you're a flash communicator
●●● Competent: Your neologic metaphases into masscom.
●●●● Expert: Masspeak is youspeak. Youspeak is allspeak.
●●●●● Master: You could make Orwell's head explode

Possessed by: Futurists, Reporters, Spin Doctors, Politicians, PR Consultants, Writers, Satirists.
Specialties: Spin Control, Neologic, Disinformation, Buzzwords, Techspeak, Malapropisms, Slogans.


You’re practiced at noticing small details and changes in the environment when you purposefully look at or listen to what’s going on around you. This Ability can only be used when you specifically say you’re attempting to notice if anything is amiss. If you aren’t concentrating, this Ability will do you no good.

Novice: If anyone notices police sirens, it’s you.
●● Practiced: The police should use your detective abilities.
●●● Competent: The slightest motion draws your attention
●●●● Expert: Nothing escapes your glance.
●●●●● Master: You can count the grains of salt on a pretzel – by taste.

Possessed by: Bodyguards, Detectives, FBI Agents, GIs, Hunters, Night Watchmen.
Specialties: Assassins, Keeping Watch, Listening, Quick Scan, Smelling.


This Talent allows you to procure items through wits, connections, and a little ingenuity. Sometimes the items aren’t brand new or exactly right, and they may take time to acquire. Still, such a skill can be invaluable when the petty cash runs short and theft would involve unpleasant run-ins with mortal and fae law enforcement.

Novice: You know where the dump is and do the occasional garage sale.
●● Practiced: You’re a seasoned flea market and auction veteran.
●●● Competent: You have connections to acquire lower-end items, such as small caliber weapons and minor chimerical artifacts.
●●●● Expert: You can acquire larger items, ranging from chimerical beasts to art to weapons.
●●●●● Master: Given time, you could acquire anything from Queen Mary Elizabeth’s petticoat to heavy weaponry to an original Picasso.

Possessed by: Criminals, Entrepreneurs, Intelligence Operatives, Travelers.
Specialties: Art, Illegal Goods, Services, Technical Equipment, Vehicles.


You know how to best go about looking for someone or something in a small area where you can concentrate your perceptions. You can search for anything from a lost ring in your bedroom to the assassin who might be hiding in your garden.

Novice: You’re good at finding lost items.
●● Practiced: Tell-tale signs (e.g., broken plants, footprints) are apparent to you.
●●● Competent: You know where to look.
●●●● Expert: Trained professionals defer to your expertise.
●●●●● Master: Sherlock Holmes was an amateur compared to you.

Possessed by: Detectives, Ingenious Servants, Policemen, Prison Guards.
Specialties: Concealed Doors, People, Small Objects, Sounds, Woodwork.


You know how to lure, attract, and command the attention of others in a sexual manner. By the way you hold yourself, how you look at someone, and even by the tone of your voice, you’re able to arouse and excite those upon whom you practice your wiles. Once you’ve fully seduced someone, he’ll be willing to do nearly anything for you.

Novice: Teenager.
●● Practiced: The “older woman.”
●●● Competent: Heartthrob
●●●● Expert: Movie star.
●●●●● Master: The envy of vampires everywhere.

Possessed by: Escorts, Gigolos, Strippers, Thespians.
Specialties: Alluring Looks, Innuendo, Opening Lines, Witty Conversation.

Sense DeceptionEdit

You’ve developed the ability to instinctively know when people aren’t telling you the truth or aren’t telling you the whole truth. There’s a way they look, a tone of voice, a movement of the eyes – you can’t analyze it, but it’s always there, and your instincts rarely let you down.

Novice: Sometimes you can tell, but you still get suckered – though more rarely than the average person does.
●● Practiced: It takes a bit of skill to pull the wool over your eyes.
●●● Competent: Anyone who can slip one past you is a highly skilled con artist.
●●●● Expert: You could make a living screening people for security.
●●●●● Master: People whisper behind your back, and many are nervous talking to you. Your ability is almost supernatural.

Possessed by: Bodyguards, Detectives, Interrogators, Judges, Mothers, Reporters, Security Personnel.
Specialties: Courtroom, Interviews, Investigative, Technical (Polygraphs).


You may not have been born good-looking or possessed of a natural charm, but you know how to dress and make the most of your appearance. Even if you aren’t physically attractive, heads turn because of your dress sense and style. Note that this Talent only applies to people’s reactions to your appearance; once you get closer, it’s up to you.

Novice: Good taste.
●● Practiced: Socialite.
●●● Competent: Celebrity.
●●●● Expert: Celebrity advisor.
●●●●● Master: International model.

Possessed by: Celebrities, Fashion Professionals, Gifted Few, Socialites.
Specialties: Classic, Ethnic, High Fashion, Retro, Street Fashion.


You have the ability to throw your voice, making it appear to come from somewhere else. This Talent can be used for deception as well as entertainment.

Novice: You could do a ventriloquist act at a children's party.
●● Practiced: You could get a gig at a local amateur vaudeville club. You can make it seem like someone standing next to you spoke.
●●● Competent: You could almost make a living from your talent, with occasional TV variety shows breaking up the round of cheap clubs and theaters. You can make it seem like someone (or something) within five yards of you spoke.
●●●● Expert: You could take your act to Vegas and headline TV specials of your own. You can make your voice seem to come from any spot within 30 feet of you.
●●●●● Master: Young hopefuls bombard you with questions, and Variety calls you the savior of a lost vaudeville art. You can make your voice seem to come from anywhere within earshot.

Possessed by: Con Artists, Entertainers, Mediums, Pranksters.
Specialties: Clarity, Distance, Dummy, Inanimate Object.

Secondary SkillsEdit


You’re a trained tumbler and acrobat able to perform feats of agility far beyond the capabilities of an untrained character. For each success with this Skill, a character can ignore one health level of falling damage. This Skill may be paired with Dexterity to roll for leaps and other acrobatic feats.

Novice: Grade school gym class.
●● Practiced: High school jock.
●●● Competent: College team.
●●●● Expert: State champion.
●●●●● Master: Olympic gold medalist.

Possessed by: Dancers, Jocks, Martial Artists, Ninja, Professional Athletes.
Specialties: Dance, Enhanced Jumping/Falling, Martial Arts, Olympic Events, Sport, Swing, Tumbles.


You know how to fire a bow, and may be able to do so with great proficiency. This includes target shooting, hunting and shooting at moving human targets.

Novice: High school gym practice.
●● Practiced: Forest bow hunter.
●●● Competent: Medieval ranger.
●●●● Expert: Will usually hit a bull's eye.
●●●●● Master: Robin Hood.

Possessed by: Beginning Zen Archers, Competitors, Hobby Enthusiasts, Hunters, Medieval Recreationists.
Specialties: Arched Flight, Crossbows, Forests, Hunting, Kyudo Technique, Moving Targets, Primitive Archery, Target.


There's a big difference between an inorganic machine and an organic one. You know how to straddle the line between them - how to design, implant, modify and employ cybernetics, cloning, biomechanisms, nanotech, genegineering and floronics. Naturally, these Progenitor mainstays demand other Traits (mostly Sciences) before you can understand them. Still, you've got a leg up on most Technocrats and technicians, who regard the body and the machine as separate entities.

Novice: You've watched biotech being installed and employed, and you understand the theories involved.
●● Practiced: You have a bit of hands-on practice with design and instalation of basic biotech devices and Procedures.
●●● Competent: A typical Progenitor, you know the concepts, mechanisms and limits of existing Technocracy biotech.
●●●● Expert: At your level of expertise, new designs and drastic modifications are possible.
●●●●● Master: A biotech master, you may design, instal, alter or employ almost anything you can imagine (subject to Sphere limits, of course).

Possessed by: Genegineers, Cyborgs, Cybernetic Repair Techs, Q Division Frankenstinians, BioMechanics.
Specialties: Cloning, Cybernetics, Repair, Floronics, Genegineering, Nanotech, Biomechanisms, Radical Modification.


You’re skilled in the working of iron, and can make objects from iron and steel. This includes the crafting of armor and weapons.

Novice: You can make a horseshoe.
●● Practiced: You can make wrought iron and mild-steel objects.
●●● Competent: You can make different grades of steel and cast iron to industrial standards.
●●●● Expert: You can pattern-weld different grades of iron and steel to make a complex object such as a steel blade.
●●●●● Master: You can make a blade equal to any Japanese sword, or any other iron or steel object you please.

Possessed by: Armorers, Artisans, Blacksmiths, Swordsmiths.
Specialties: Armormaking, Blademaking, Cast Iron, Pattern-Welding, Wrought Iron.

Blind FightingEdit

Even when unable to see your foes, you can use your Brawl or Melee Abilities with a reduced penalty or no penalty. This Skill may also be of great use out of combat. It should be noted that this Skill doesn’t grant any actual ability to see better in darkness. For each dot the character has in this Skill, reduce the difficulty of performing actions while blind by one. Naturally, the difficulty can never be reduced below its unhindered equivalent.

Novice: You don’t stub your toe in the dark.
●● Practiced: You can pinpoint the direction from which sounds come.
●●● Competent: You can fight and predict your enemies’ locations at the same time.
●●●● Expert: You can almost “feel” where your opponents are.
●●●●● Master: You possess an almost mystical sense – Zen and the Art of Spatial Awareness.

Possessed by: Assassins, Masters of Zen Archery, Ninja, Spelunkers.
Specialties: Dodging, Dueling, Indoors, Multiple Foes, Punching.


You’re skilled in the manufacture of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. You’re familiar with the equipment used in brewing and distilling, and can maintain, operate, and repair such equipment.

Novice: Brew-kit user; the beer foams, and the wine doesn’t turn to vinegar.
●● Practiced: Home-wine maker; the partygoers will drink it.
●●● Competent: Moonshiner; your friends appreciate your gifts.
●●●● Expert: Commercial wine maker; the satyrs sing your praises.
●●●●● Master: Chateau of repute; your drink is served at the High King’s table.

Possessed by: Hobbyists, Vintners.
Specialties: Beer, Industrial Alcohol, Mead, Spirits, Wine.


You can change your appearance through a mixture of clothing, makeup, and movement, rendering you difficult to spot in a variety of different surroundings. This isn’t the ability to look like someone else, but simply to hide.

Novice: Boy scout.
●● Practiced: Infantry trooper.
●●● Competent: Marine
●●●● Expert: Special forces.
●●●●● Master: Ninja.

Possessed by: Assassins, Hunters, Military Personnel, Poachers, Spies.
Specialties: Arctic, Mountains, Open Country, Urban, Woods.


You're a competent woodworker, able to craft a variety of objects from wood.

Novice: Amateur handyman.
●● Practiced: Professional handyman.
●●● Competent: Professional carpenter.
●●●● Expert: Foreman or joiner and cabinetmaker.
●●●●● Master: You could have your own television show.

Possessed by: Carpenters, Furniture Makers, Handymen.
Specialties: Construction, Furniture, Repairs.


You can climb mountains and/or walls and seldom have any fear of falling. The technical skills of chimneying, spike-setting, and rappelling are all well-known to you, although depending on your skill, you may be good or indifferent at them. remember, mountain climbing at night is far more difficult than a daylight climb unless you can see in the dark.

Novice: You can scale gentle slopes or walls with handholds.
●● Practiced: You go on mountaineering vacations. You can climb heavily weathered stone or brick walls.
●●● Competent: You work as a mountaineering instructor. You can climb moderately rough stone and brick walls.
●●●● Expert: You’ve done at least a couple of famous peaks. You can free-climb a fairly smooth stone or brick wall.
●●●●● Master: Mount Everest and K2 are mild hikes. You could free-climb the World Trade Center.

Possessed by: Burglars, Enthusiasts, Mountaineers.
Specialties: Buildings, Cliffs, Free-Climbing, Hiking, Ice, Rappelling.


You know how to prepare a variety of meals and present them in an appealing manner. Cooking is a matter of pride among many boggans.

Novice: You don't burn the cookies.
●● Practiced: You have number of specialties.
●●● Competent: You could be a professional chef.
●●●● Expert: You could publish a cookbook.
●●●●● Master: You could have your own television show or become a chef in the finest restaurants.

Possessed by: Chefs, Gourmets, Housewives Or Husbands, Stewards.
Specialties: Bread, Cajun, Chinese, Chow, Desserts, French, Indian, Italian, Pastries.


You’re a proficient dancer, and may perform socially or for the entertainment of others. You’re familiar with most varieties of dance, but specialize in one particular style.

Novice: You can manage a waltz at a wedding.
●● Practiced: You draw envious glances at weddings. You could perform on the local amateur stage.
●●● Competent: You are the talk of the ball. You could perform on the local professional stage.
●●●● Expert: People ask you to teach them. You could perform on television.
●●●●● Master: Nijinsky, Fonteyn, Nureyev, Baryshnikov, Astaire, Rogers, Kelly – and you.

Possessed by: Ballet Dancers, Broadway Musical Choristers, Enthusiasts, Music Video Dancers, Pop Stars, Socialites.
Specialties: Ballet, Ballroom, Disco, Ecstatic, Ethnic, Foxtrot, Latin, Modern, Show, Tribal, Two-Step, Waltz.


You can change your appearance – and even make yourself look like another specific person – through the use of clothes and makeup.

Novice: Good enough to fool someone who knows neither you nor the person you’re impersonating.
●● Practiced: Good enough to fool some of the people some of the time.
●●● Competent: Good enough to fool some of the people most of the time.
●●●● Expert: Good enough to fool most of the people most of the time.
●●●●● Master: Good enough to fool those nearest and dearest to you most of the time.

Possessed by: Actors, Con Artists, Criminals, Spies, Undercover Cops.
Specialties: Conceal Identity, Specific Person, Type Of Person.

Energy WeaponsEdit

A laser is not a normal gun; nor is a particle-beam cannon, an Ectoplasmic Disrupter Cannon or any of the other hypertech energy weapons Union footsoldiers love. Lasers are recoilless, plasma weapons generate a heat wash and fire trail, shockers are short-ranged and particle beams have recoil, but of a different "feel" than a firearm. Most people wouldn't have any idea how to work one of these odd guns, but you do. Given any standard Technocracy-issue energy weapon, you can fire, adjust, load, field-strip and perform minor repairs on it.

Novice: It's a ray gun, Space Cadet
●● Practiced: You've learned the basics of operation and maintenance.
●●● Competent: Typical space marine.
●●●● Expert: Elite Op
●●●●● Master: "Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range..."

Possessed by: Space Marines, Men in Black, Covert Agents, BCD Personnel, Cyborgs, HIT Marks
Specialties: Heavy Weapons, Micro-G, Close Combat, Sniper, Mass Destruction, Repair, Small Arms, Bounced Shots, Field Modifications


You’re skilled in various techniques that enable you to escape from bonds and restraints. This Skill is often used for entertainment, but can also be useful in real life.

Novice: Children’s party entertainer; can escape from loose or poorly-tied hands.
●● Practiced: Amateur entertainer; can escape from fairly well-tied bonds.
●●● Competent: Professional entertainer; can escape from handcuffs and chains.
●●●● Expert: Star; can escape from a straightjacket.
●●●●● Master: Legend; Houdini and you.

Possessed by: Amateurs, Entertainers, Pulp Detectives, Special Forces, Spies.
Specialties: Arm Locks And Holds, Boxes, Handcuffs, Locks, Magic Tricks, Ropes, Showmanship, Underwater.


Falconry has become increasingly popular among the sidhe nobility, using both real and chimerical falcons.

Novice: The bird comes back – sometimes.
●● Practiced: You can do small displays at Renaissance Faires.
●●● Competent: You perform many professional exhibitions.
●●●● Expert: You're respected among the nobility for your skill.
●●●●● Master: You could be among the High King's entourage.

Possessed by: Courtiers, Professional Falconers, Sidhe Nobles.
Specialties: Display, Exotic Birds, History, Hunting.


This Skill allows you to make a weapon ready almost instantly. By rolling Dexterity + Fast-Draw and getting three successes, you can draw a weapon and have it ready for use just as if it had been in your hand all along. The difficulty depends on how securely stowed the weapon was – a gun hidden in your underwear is harder to reach than one in a belt holster. This Skill can be used with any weapon. When appropriate, the Fast-Draw score can be added to your Initiative roll.

Novice: You have good reflexes.
●● Practiced: You're good, but not great.
●●● Competent: You would have lasted a little while in the Old West. You could work Wild West shows. You're known among those who follow duels.
●●●● Expert: Pretty fast. Your enemies are wary of your speed in drawing your ebon blade.
●●●●● Master: Greased lightning. You might have been able to take down Billy the Kid.

Possessed by: Cops, Gunfighters, Knife-Fighters, Knights, Martial Artists, Special Forces, Vigilantes.
Specialties: Arrow, Knife, Pistol, Rifle/Shotgun, Sword.


This Skill allows you to convince someone of something using a sincere expression and an avalanche of words rather than reasoned debate and logic. It's a surprisingly effective technique, provided that the mark has no time to think and doesn't have a Wits rating of 4 or more. The Storyteller should carefully judge whether this Skill is appropriate in a given situation, or whether it would be better to use some other Ability.

Novice: Vacuum-cleaner salesman.
●● Practiced: Used-car salesman.
●●● Competent: Professional con artist.
●●●● Expert: Teflon-coated politician.
●●●●● Master: You could sell sand to the Saudis.

Possessed by: Con Artists, Politicians, Salesmen, Televangelists.
Specialties: Confuse, Convince, Get-Off-The-Hook, Sell.

First AidEdit

This Skill allows a character to give basic medical attention to another character. It's not as comprehensive an Ability as the Medicine Knowledge, but it does allow for a basic grasp of all the practices of first aid, and, at higher levels, techniques known to paramedics.

Novice: Mother of small children.
●● Practiced: Boy scout.
●●● Competent: Office safety representative.
●●●● Expert: School nurse.
●●●●● Master: Paramedic.

Possessed by: Boy Scouts, Explorers, Mother, Outdoor Types, Paramedics.
Specialties: Artificial Respiration. Broken Bones, CPR, Diagnosis, Patch-Up, Terminology.


You're adept at one or more games of chance, and can play without too much risk of losing heavily. You can also increase your chances of winning without actually cheating.

Novice: Saturday night poker with the boys.
●● Practiced: A couple of weeks in Vegas each year.
●●● Competent: You're known in Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City.
●●●● Expert: You make a living from this. Your mother despairs.
●●●●● Master: You have to be careful not to tell people your name.

Possessed by: Amateur Gamblers, Professional Gamblers.
Specialties: Card Games, Dice, One-Armed Bandits.

Game PlayingEdit

This Skill covers games of strategy and skill such as chess, go, xiang qui, hnefatafl, and so on. It doesn't cover card games (see Gambling), or simple games like tic-tac-toe, which rely largely on luck. Human chess games, in which enchanted humans are ordered to move about on a large board, are quite popular among the nobility (especially the Unseelie Court).

Novice: You can beat your older sister.
●● Practiced: You could get on a school team.
●●● Competent: You could get on a college team.
●●●● Expert: You can beat most computers.
●●●●● Master: You are one of the masters.

Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Nobility.
Specialties: 3D Chess, Chess, Go, Mah Jong, Risk.


You can repair firearms and produce ammunition for a variety of different guns. At high levels of skill, you can construct specialty ammunition, such as caseless, hollow-point, mercury-tipped, or silver bullets. Given the time and the tools (and enough skill), you can build a gun from scratch – perhaps even one of your own design.

Novice: Black powder and paper cartridges.
●● Practiced: Cased standard ammunition.
●●● Competent: Magnum rounds.
●●●● Expert: Caseless and hollow-point rounds.
●●●●● Master: You name it.

Possessed by: …
Specialties: …


Mere mortals suffer from vertigo when they look at a starship's controls. Not you. You've studied at the Void Engineers' academies, and know what every switch and viewscreen does (well, most of them, anyway). Because there is order in simplicity, most Void craft have fairly standardized controls; given time, you can pilot anything from a Qui La Machina to a long-distance exploratory vessel. Although certain experimental or top-secret craft may be out of your league, you can still puzzle out most of the vital functions. Just don't screw up when you're in deep space!

(Note: Although it can be considered a retrofitting of Pilot, the two Skills are very different. One applies to aircraft, the other to spacecraft. Hence, it's a pretty rare Skill outside the Void Engineers. While some Iterators and MiBs have been taught the rudiments of starship operation, the Voids like to keep their toys to themselves. Although some Sons of Ether may have a demented variation of this Trait, their inventions tend to be too unique and/or esoteric to be compatible with Technocracy craft.)

Novice: You've been trained on basic shuttles
●● Practiced: They let you take the helm when things are calm
●●● Competent: Typical helmsman.
●●●● Expert: The captain wants you on the controls when trouble strikes.
●●●●● Master: Han Solo in a jumpsuit.

Possessed by: Void Engineers, Space Marines, Cyborgs, LERMUs
Specialties: Navigation, Combat, Long-Range Trips, Crisis Situations, Near-Ground Operations

Heavy WeaponsEdit

You have the ability to operate heavy weapons of all varieties – anything from an M60 heavy machine gun to a Dragon anti-tank weapon. Additionally, your knowledge of the weapons includes an ability to repair them.

Novice: Basic training.
●● Practiced: Operator.
●●● Competent: Warrior.
●●●● Expert: Killer.
●●●●● Master: Rambo.

Possessed by: Armed Forces Personnel, HIT Marks, Mercenaries, SWAT Officers.
Specialties: Desert, Friend From Foe, Jungle, Loading, Night Fighting.


You're skilled at finding and killing animals for food or sport. In familiar terrain, you're able to predict the type, number, and likely location of food animals and know the best ways to find and kill them.

Novice: Weekender.
●● Practiced: Enthusiast or Trooper.
●●● Competent: Survivalist or Marine.
●●●● Expert: Special Forces.
●●●●● Master: You give pointers to werewolves.

Possessed by: Military Personnel, Outdoor Types, Pre-Industrial Societies, Survivalists.
Specialties: Arctic, Bush/Scrub, Coast, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Temperate.


Most Technos simply employ the devices and Procedures they've been given; you actually comprehend the super-advanced theorems that make science into "magic". While many Unionists know the basics, you understand the concepts in great, intuitive detail. (In Massespeak, this understanding is similar to the difference between knowing how to use a computer and knowing how to build and program one). In game terms, this Skill allows you to identify the principles of Technocratic devices, modify them or build your own. At Rank 3 and higher, you begin to understand the warped workings of Ethertech and Virtual Adept toys, and you may modify or employ them as you wish (something most Technocrats find difficult to do). Such things are perversions of science, of course, but you detect the rhyme and reason within them that no mundane scientist could possibly understand

Novice: You know the basic theories
●● Practiced: Esoterica is just another level of the obvious
●●● Competent: You actually understand both Technocratic science and the warped diversions of the Etherites and Virtual Adepts.
●●●● Expert: You're one of the Union's top designers.
●●●●● Master: Other Technocrats revere you.

Possessed by: Elite Agents, Q Division Ops, Technicians, Gadgeteers, Maintenance Ops, Spies, Research Directors
Specialties: Weaponsmith, Earthbound Vehicles, Microtech, Computers, Netgear, Repair, Improvisation, Etherite Theories, Anarchtech (Virtual Adepts).


You can place a subject into a trance and use hypnotism to gather information or treat psychiatric problems. To place a willing subject into a trance, make an opposed roll of your Charisma + Hypnotism against the subject's Intelligence. For an unwilling subject who's immobilized to comply, use Intelligence + Willpower. The number of successes indicates the depth of the trance and can be added to your Hypnotism to roll for the success of tasks. For example, a hypnotist with Charisma 4 and Hypnotism 4 hypnotizes a willing subject with Intelligence 5. The hypnotist rolls five successes and the subject rolls 2 – a total of three successes in the hypnotist's favor, indicating a fairly deep trance. The hypnotist can now roll seven dice (three successes plus four dice from Hypnotism 4) to probe the subject's mind.

Novice: You do it to entertain occasionally.
●● Practiced: You're a skilled amateur.
●●● Competent: You can find some interesting secrets; you can do this as part of your profession.
●●●● Expert: You can dig very deep.
●●●●● Master: You can discover secrets from a subject's Past Lives.

Possessed by: Entertainers, Holistic Healers, New-Agers, Police Specialists, Psychiatrists, Theurges.
Specialties: Behavior Modification, Hypnotherapy, Interrogation, Past-Life Regression.

Iskakku (Werewolf Only)Edit

See Iskakku.

Novice: You can use a staff to attack or defend.
●● Practiced: You know the basics of disabling your opponents.
●●● Competent: You're a flurry of blows and blocks.
●●●● Expert: Shaolin monks stand up and take notice.
●●●●● Master: You're almost more dangerous in Homid with a staff than in Crinos with your teeth and claws.


A variation of Pilot, this Skill allows you to strap on a jetpack and fly around without killing y ourself. The simple yet delicate controls of most Technocratic (and Etherite) packs are easy enough to employ. The real trick comes with mastering the balance between speed, maneuvering, body position and raw nerve. (The flier's Dexterity + Jetpack rating makes up her dice pool for pursuit, evasion and maneuvers.) A common Trait among high-powered field agents and their SoE rivals, this Skill may be essential to anyone who wants to fly the Technocratic way.

Novice: "Oooooh, Shhhiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt"
●● Practiced: Awkward but not endangered.
●●● Competent: Confidant in the air.
●●●● Expert: Skillful enough to fight and fly at high speeds.
●●●●● Master: The Rocketeer

Possessed by: Men in Black, Space Marines, Commandoes, Test Pilots, Sons of Ether, Daredevils

Specialties: High speeds, Combat, Boot-Jets, Micro-G, Deep Universe, Stunts


You're able to produce salable pieces of jewelry as well as appraise jewelry. You can determine the approximate value of most jewelry by quick appraisal, but it's easy to make a mistake without in-depth examination.

Novice: You can tell diamonds from emeralds.
●● Practiced: You can make simple pieces of jewelry.
●●● Competent: You can craft delicate works.
●●●● Expert: Your works are widely sought.
●●●●● Master: Cartier, Tiffany, Faberge – and you.

Possessed by: Counterfeiters, Jewelers, Nocker Craftspeople, Pawn Shop Owners
Specialties: Antique, Appraisal, Crystal, Gems, Gold, Silver.


Science is not without a little slack. With a handful of widgets, a bit of breathing room and a combination of brilliance and bullshit, you can twist the loose ends of science and fix, alter, build or repair mechanical objects. You must have something to work with, and cannot make something radically different or powerful from a heap of scrap metal. Even so, you do possess a knack for taking bits of junk and cobbling them together into a machine that works for a short period of time.

Obviously, you ought to possess several other Traits in addition to this one: Technology, Computer, Gunsmithing, Hypertech, Security, Energy Weapons and many Sciences are practically prerequisites for most improvised gadgets. Although this Skill can help you with various advanced Procedures, it is not instantaneous, nor is it "magical" in itself. A clever Technocrat, however, can use his technical know-how to pull off normally vulgar Procedures in full view of the long as the stunt isn't totally blatant (Storyteller's Note: Jury-Rig is a Skill, not a Sphere: a character should not be able to use it to perform some obviously impossible feat of engineering). Oh, and do be careful. The Union frowns on twisting reality's loose ends too freely.

Novice: Basement tinkerer
●● Practiced: Mr. Fix it.
●●● Competent: Field gadget-master
●●●● Expert: MacGuyver
●●●●● Master: Tony Stark in mirrorshades.

Possessed by: Field Ops, Cyborgs, HIT Marks, Mad Scientists, Renegade Technomancers, Q Division Personnel
Specialties: Bench Thumping, Scraps, Repairs, High-Tech, Found Objects, "Should Be Impossible"

Kailindo (Werewolf Only)Edit

Kailindo is the Garou martial art, developed by the Stargazers of the Zephyr. You must have this skill to practice Kailindo maneuvers. See Kailindo.

Novice: A novice on the Airy Path.
●● Practiced: An accomplished practitioner on the Buffeting Road.
●●● Competent: A guardian at the Tumultuous Gate.
●●●● Expert: An initiate into the Aerial Mysteries.
●●●●● Master: A Grand Master of the Ethereal Way.

Possessed by: Introspective Combatants, Stargazers.
Specialties: Kick, Punch, Throw.

Klaive Dueling (Werewolf Only)Edit

See Klaive Dueling.


You're able to produce serviceable items of leather, either for sale or for your own use.

Novice: You work from craft kits.
●● Practiced: You make gifts for friends.
●●● Competent: You sell your wares at local stores.
●●●● Expert: People ask for your work by name.
●●●●● Master: Your picture appears in magazine ads.

Possessed by: Artisans, Armorsmiths, Survivalists.
Specialties: Armor, Clothing, Riding Tack, Utensils.


You're able to open locks without the correct keys or right combinations. Though this Skill is certainly becoming more and more obsolete with all the new security devices in use, there are enough locks still around to make it worthwhile.

Novice: Simple mortise locks.
●● Practiced: Cylinder locks and basic security locks.
●●● Competent: Advanced security locks.
●●●● Expert: Safes.
●●●●● Master: Fort Knox.

Possessed by: Burglars, Court Spies, Locksmiths, Safecrackers.
Specialties: Alarm Systems, Combination Locks, Key-Operated Locks, Mag-Card Locks.


You're a jack-of-all-trades with a particular affinity for mechanical devices, and can jerry-rig or repair just about anything mechanical, given the right tools and materials.

Novice: You can fix a broken doorknob.
●● Practiced: You can fix a lawnmower.
●●● Competent: You can fix a car.
●●●● Expert: You can fix a high-performance car or rebuild an engine.
●●●●● Master: You can fix, build, or improve almost anything.

Possessed by: Car Nuts, Hobbyists, Inventors, Mechanics.
Specialties: Cars, Electrical, Inventions.

Microgravity OperationsEdit

Deep Space, damaged ships and ancient Constructs all lack the familiar gravity of Earth. While most people would founder in such conditions, the Union needs explorers in all locations. Training with vacuum suits, underwater tanks and actual spacewalks provides the necessary experience to handle delicate maneuvering in microgravity. Some people mistakenly call this sensation "Zero G" - there's no such thing, of course, since gravity stretches everywhere in the universe, but that technicality is hardly a comfort to someone floating in the dark void.

With Microgravity Operations, you can handle yourself in low- or near-zero-gravity situations. You don't bounce off walls aimlessly, and you can keep your bearings despite the lack of "up" and "down". Against less-skilled opponents, you can even use gravity to your advantage, hopping off walls and vectoring unexpectedly.

When in low gravity, inexperienced characters cannot use more dice from any physical Abilities than their ratings in Microgravity Operations. Thus, if you have 3 in Energy Weapons but only 1 in this Skill, you can only use one die (plus your normal Attribute dice) for the roll. This penalty doesn't affect knowledge, magic, devices or Enlightened Science, of course.

Novice: Don't hyperventilate and don't throw up.
●● Practiced: As long as you're on a tether, you're fine.
●●● Competent: You can spacewalk with some competence
●●●● Expert: Three-dimensional movement is not out of the question
●●●●● Master: You've been in space for so long, you probably don't even remember gravity

Possessed by: Void Engineer Marines, Astronauts, Divers, Ethernauts.
Specialties: Low-G, Micro-G, Vacuum Suit, EVA, Tumbling, Combat


Misdirection deals with distracting people from what you're trying to do. By making your subject focus his concentration elsewhere, you can steer him away from a subject of interest. The subject of interest could be anything from what you're doing to an object in plain sight. Masters of Do are able to utilize successes on Misdirection rolls to lower the difficulty on their next Do roll to strike the distracted target. The Do practitioner throws a feint or false blow. While the opponent is trying to Dodge or block that blow, the practitioner delivers the attack that he originally intended to utilize.

Novice: “Hey, your shoe lace is untied!”
●● Practiced: You're real good at card tricks.
●●● Competent: You can make a living at misdirecting people.
●●●● Expert: People give you things and then forget that they did.
●●●●● Master: Strangers forget that they ever met you.

Possessed by: Con Men, Pickpockets, Stage Magicians.
Specialties: Concealment, Confusion, Leading, Theft.


It's not what you know, it's who you know. And you know how to work those connections for all they're worth. If you're stranded in new circumstances without a network of contacts, you can make one with a little time and effort. It's all in how you play the game....

This Trait allows you to pull together a net of resources: lists, libraries, data banks, receptionists, specialists and informants. These aides won't actually act on your behalf (aside from a dropped word or two), but they're invaluable when you're trying to find something (Manipulation + Networking) or win someone over (Charisma or Appearance + Networking). The more obscure the fact, item, person or feat is, the higher the difficulty of the roll becomes.

Networking takes time and access. You can't just do it from the street unless you've got a cellular phone and a few hours to spend on it. A Background like Contacts, Mentor or Spies would most likely represent an established network

Novice: You know how to use a phone book and a library
●● Practiced: Sweet-talking operators and secretaries is a cinch
●●● Competent: You know the right people to talk to, and you know how to find them.
●●●● Expert: With two hours and a phone, you can work miracles
●●●●● Master: "How'd you get Salman Rushdie's address?"

Possessed by: Activists, Archivists, Flacks, Spies, Reporters, Research Assistants, Shmooze Masters
Specialties: Research, Contact Info, Favors, Secrets, Tickets, Internet, Celebrities, Politics, Underworld


You're able to remove objects from someone else's clothing or body without the person's knowledge, even I the object in question is inside a pocket.

Novice: You can slip a dagger from a sheath.
●● Practiced: You can take the coins from inside a purse.
●●● Competent: You can remove the entire purse.
●●●● Expert: You can remove a necklace from a princess.
●●●●● Master: You can steal a ring from the High King's finger.

Possessed by: Gentleman Thieves, Petty Thieves, Vagabonds.
Specialties: Jewelry, Pockets, Purses, Watches.


You can operate a flying machine. Note that your skill limits the types of aircraft you can fly. A glider pilot (one dot) can't fly a helicopter (requiring four dots).

Novice: Club member; hang gliders only.
●● Practiced: Club champion; gliders and small aircraft only.
●●● Competent: Professional or club instructor; commercial pilot's license.
●●●● Expert: Military or display pilot; helicopter, any type of commercial aircraft.
●●●●● Master: Top Gun.

Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Military, Pilots, Police.
Specialties: Autogyros, Balloons, Blimps, Commercial/Transport Jets, Corporate Jets, Dogfights, Fighter Jets, Gliders, Hang Gliders, Helicopters, Light Planes, Long Distances, Microlights, Night Flying, Takeoffs And Landings, Thermals, Vintage Planes.


You're skilled in diagnosing and treating mental ailments without resorting to the use of behavior-altering drugs. During a session of analysis, you may roll Intelligence + Psychoanalysis (difficulty of the subject's Intelligence + 3). Keep track of your net successes; the Storyteller will decide how many successes are necessary to remedy an illness. Even Freud couldn't cure people in a single session, so be patient! Note that it's possible to treat an unwilling patient this way, although the difficulty of so doing is equal to the subject's Willpower + 3.

Novice: A shoulder to cry on.
●● Practiced: Volunteer counselor.
●●● Competent: Professional counselor.
●●●● Expert: Qualified psychoanalyst.
●●●●● Master: Freud.

Possessed by: Clergy, Counselors, Good Listeners, Holistic Healers, Parents, Psychoanalysts, Teachers.
Specialties: Childhood, Eriksonian, Freudian, Holistic, Humanist, Jungian, Neurosis, Psychosis, Research, Self, Sympathy, Terminology, Wiccan.


You can climb onto a riding animal and stand a good chance of getting where you want to go without falling off, being thrown or having anything else unpleasant happen to you. When attempting something difficult, or when danger threatens the Storyteller may require a Dexterity + Ride roll to avoid trouble. This Skill can also be combined with Mental Attributes to reflect your working knowledge of the relevant trappings and equipment.

Novice: Pony club member; dude ranch vacations.
●● Practiced: Pony club champion; weekend cowboy.
●●● Competent: Pony club instructor; professional cowboy.
●●●● Expert: Show jumping champion; rodeo star.
●●●●● Master: Stunt rider.

Possessed by: Cowboys, Enthusiasts, Pre-Industrial Societies, Stunt Riders.
Specialties: Bareback, Camel, Chimerical Beasts, Elephant, Galloping, Horse, Mule, No Hands, Tricks.


You can sing over a wide range and use a variety of styles and techniques. Singing is an extremely lucrative and popular Skill in the modern age. Though most singers are amateurs, some make enormous amounts of money.

Novice: You stand out when the family gathers around the piano.
●● Practiced: You could get lead roles with local amateur societies or become a lead singer for a garage band.
●●● Competent: You could get a choral part on the professional stage or get a recording contract.
●●●● Expert: You could get a lead on Broadway or a record on the charts.
●●●●● Master: They’ll be playing your CDs 20 years from now.

Possessed by: Drunks, Opera Singers, Pop Stars, Rock Musicians, Toubadours.
Specialties: Musicals, Opera, Pop, Rock.


The quickness of your hands can deceive the eyes of others. you can perform magic tricks and other feats of legerdemain.

Novice: You perform card tricks for friends.
●● Practiced: You could perform at children's parties.
●●● Competent: You could be a court magician.
●●●● Expert: You could be on television.
●●●●● Master: You are a legend in your own time.

Possessed by: Court Magicians, Stage Magicians, Thieves, Tricksters.
Specialties: Conceal Item, Produce Item.


You’re skilled in the art of telling a story in an entertaining manner, whether for pastime or profit. People enjoy listening to you, and you have a gift for using words in an evocative manner for an appreciative crowd.

Novice: You remember the punchlines to jokes and can relate anecdotes.
●● Practiced: Typical campfire and urban legend fare, but you're always asked for them.
●●● Competent: You're frequently asked to tell stories and some people even leave tips.
●●●● Expert: You're in demand and have entertained large crowds.
●●●●● Master: You can keep an audience spellbound for as long as your voice holds out.

Possessed by: Heralds, Jesters, Storytellers, Travelers, Troubadours.
Specialties: Anecdotes, Ballads, Epics, Folk Tales, Jokes.


You can keep yourself afloat at the very least. Normal swimming speed is eight yards (plus Dexterity) a turn. A swimmer can increase his speed to 12 yards (plus Dexterity) if he’s doing nothing else that turn. With Swimming, a character can try to swim faster than normal; roll Stamina + Swimming, difficulty 7, and add three yards to your swimming speed per success (one roll per turn).

Novice: You can swim.
●● Practiced: You can swim fast, or for extended periods.
●●● Competent: Instructor/Lifeguard.
●●●● Expert: Swim Team.
●●●●● Master: Olympic Gold.

Possessed by: Athletes, Lifeguards, Scuba Divers, and almost anyone else.
Specialties: Distance, Lifesaving, Racing, Sea, Survival.


You know how to throw things in general, and are familiar with many specific thrown weapons, from spears, knives, and hatchets to baseballs, footballs (yes, if thrown hard enough, both make fine weapons) and the traditional boulders.

Novice: You usually hit the dart board.
●● Practiced: High school pitcher.
●●● Competent: You are the neighborhood master of snowball fights.
●●●● Expert: Regional darts champion, you have your choice of prizes at the carnival.
●●●●● Master: Greg Maddux.

Possessed by: Athletes, Hobbyists, Warriors.
Specialties: By Weapon, Hunting, Moving Targets, Target.


You know how to inflict pain. Your ability is so precise as to be a science. You’re capable of interrogating prisoners through torture and prolonging their suffering, keeping them barely alive.

Novice: You know how to hurt people in different ways.
●● Practiced: You’re good at causing extreme pain and can keep someone alive for interrogation purposes.
●●● Competent: You’re equal to a military torturer. You can create extremes of pain that most people have never experienced.
●●●● Expert: You’re an equal to a professional torturer. You’re able to get almost any information you want out of your subject.
●●●●● Master: You’re an artist, a virtuoso of pain and suffering.

Possessed by: Military Interrogators, Prison Guards, Unseelie Redcaps.
Specialties: Exotic Methods, Flagellation, Pain, Prolonging Life.


You can identify the trail of an animal or person and follow it under most conditions. The difficulty of such a feat varies according to the conditions – following fresh tracks in deep snow is easier than following week-old tracks across a concrete sidewalk.

Novice: Boy Scout.
●● Practiced: Eagle Scout.
●●● Competent: Hunter.
●●●● Expert: Native American guide.
●●●●● Master: You have contests with werewolves – and occasionally win.

Possessed by: Detectives, Hunters, Special Forces, Survivalists.
Specialties: Deer, Identification, Rock, Urban, Wolf.


You know how to set various types of traps according to the type of game you want to catch.

Novice: Boy Scout.
●● Practiced: Weekend survivalist.
●●● Competent: Outdoorsman.
●●●● Expert: Mountain man.
●●●●● Master: “Well done! And I thought dragons were extinct…”

Possessed by: Inhabitants of Remote Places, Special Forces, Trappers.
Specialties: Deadfalls, Pits, Specific Species.

Secondary KnowledgesEdit


You’re familiar with the writings of the classical and medieval alchemists, and you also have some practical experience. This Ability is indirectly related to the Knowledge of Chemistry, in a manner similar to the relationship between Astronomy and Astrology. You can interpret alchemical texts, and you understand the various symbols and ciphers used by the alchemists, even when you find them in a non-alchemical context.

Student: A mere dabbler.
●● College: Apprentice; probably still dependent on a master for instruction.
●●● Masters: Journeyman; capable of making your own way, but with a long road left to travel.
●●●● Doctorate: Experienced alchemist; within reach of the greatest secrets.
●●●●● Scholar: One of the true practitioners of the craft.

Possessed by: Occultists, Scholars, Some Scientists.
Specialties: Cosmology, Lapis Philosophorum, Transmutation.

Area KnowledgeEdit

You’re familiar with an area – its landscape, history, inhabitants, and mortal politics. This Knowledge will also provide a basic “who’s who” for the areas around a freehold. You must determine the area that you have knowledge of at the time you take the Ability.

Student: You know a fair amount for an outsider.
●● College: You may have lived there for a year or two.
●●● Masters: You may have lived there for five to 10 years.
●●●● Doctorate: You're native born and never left.
●●●●● Scholar: You know every stone, stream, or building in the area.

Possessed by: Cops, Long-Time Residents, Vigilantes.
Specialties: Customs, enemies, Geography, History, Law, Politics, Transportation, Wildlife.


You know how to compile and interpret a horoscope. Given the date and time (and, according to some systems, the place) of a person’s birth, you can construct a personality profile and a set of predictions about the likely course of his life. Whether you actually believe these revelations is a matter of personal taste, but you can present them in a convincing and pleasing manner to those who do believe. This Knowledge doesn’t confer any type of magical ability.

Student: You merely dabble.
●● College: Friends ask you to make horoscopes for them.
●●● Masters: You could run a small astrology business.
●●●● Doctorate: You could have a syndicated newspaper column.
●●●●● Scholar: You could work for celebrities and politicians.

Possessed by: Amateurs, Astrologers, Mystics, New-Agers, Old Hippies.
Specialties: Ming Shu, Zodiac, Zu Wei.

Computer HackingEdit

You must have at least two dots in Computer before purchasing this Knowledge. Hacking allows the computer user to break the rules. It’s not a programming skill – that requires the Computer Knowledge. Hacking represents an imaginative faculty above and beyond the use of the programming codes. In the binary computer world of yes/no, hacking represents the little bit of genius that says, “Well, maybe.” Hacking is used instead of the Computer Knowledge when you’re breaking into other computer systems or trying to manipulate data in “real time.” The Computer Ability is used for programming and other miscellaneous tasks. Hacking is used most often as a complementary Ability to Computer, but it can aid programming by allowing you to work faster or to crack military codes that a normal programmer wouldn’t even be able to figure out.

Student: You’re a computer geek who knows a few tricks, such as changing your grades in the university computer network.
●● College: You have great “luck” in guessing computer passwords.
●●● Masters: You thought your electric bill was too high last month, but you can fix that with a few keystrokes.
●●●● Doctorate: Now that you have cracked the bank codes, which is it: Rio or Bermuda?
●●●●● Scholar: The European Community was pretty annoyed about that thermonuclear incident, but you know they can never trace it back to you.

Possessed by: CIA Operatives, Computer Geeks.
Specialties: Data Retrieval, Networking, Telecommunications, Viruses.

Conspiracy TheoryEdit

The world is honeycombed with secret agencies, occult sects, government cover-ups and clandestine alliances. Anyone with half a brain knows it, and you've got far more than half a brain! In your files, hundreds of conspiracies boil just below the surface of civilization's illusion: alien abductions, assassination plots, genetic experiments, monstrous alliances. As a collector of such modern paranoia, you've heard about dozens - even hundreds - of plots, conspirators and suspicious organizations. Do you believe this stuff? Of course! Being a Technocrat, you've got a ringside seat for conspiracies most people wouldn't dream of. Do you believe all of it? Probably not, although you've seen enough to make you nervous. Do you manufacture some of it? Well.....

Student: Illuminatus fan
●● College: Net geek.
●●● Masters: Art Bell.
●●●● Doctorate: Fox Mulder
●●●●● Scholar: Anyone who knows this much isn't saying a damned word about it!

Possessed by: TV Producers, Writers, Net Hounds, Government Agents, UFOlogists, Media Ops, Survivalists, Geeks, Folks Who're Scared Shitless of the World in General
Specialties: Hoaxes, Government Cover-ups, Reality Deviants (werebeasts, the Masquerade, etc.), Assassinations, Elvis Sightings, Illuminati, Cults, Satanic Underground, Media Exposures, Aliens, Ascension War Factions, Roleplaying Games

Construct PoliticsEdit

In the tangled web of inter-Convention politics, you know your way around: alliances, Constructs, ranks, specialties and personnel status - who's on top, who's functioning, and who's scheduled for a visit from Control. The higher your rating, the more you know; the more you know, the more valuable you are to the Union, and the more trouble you can neutralize...or create.

Note that low-level agents probably won't have a Construct Politics rating higher than 3. You need a certain amount of security clearance to know more than that, and few field agents have access to such resources. Also, this Knowledge gives you the facts and rumors only. Actually employing what you know often requires Traits like Diplomacy, Subterfuge, Patron and Spies.

Student: You know a few famous names and places
●● College: You've visited a few Constructs, and you have general data about several others.
●●● Masters: Anything that's general knowledge, you know.
●●●● Doctorate: You've got access to classified data regarding many Technocracy Constructs.
●●●●● Scholar: General data, classified data, rumors, possess an uncomfortable amount of information

Possessed by: Diplomats, Spies, Funding Committee Members, Oversight Directors, High-Level Technocrats, Troublemakers, Invictus Ops
Specialties: Alliances, Gossip, Personnel Profiles, Problems, Oversight, Protocol, Rivalries, Secrets, Hidden Power-Players.


You have a familiarity with the Garou lunar zodiac and its patron Incarnae. You've visited the Aetherial Realm at least once and you have some idea of how to plan your actions to conform with the most auspicious times of the year or month.

Novice: You've studied with your pack's Theurge and know which Incarnae rule which months.
●● Practiced: You know which Incarnae govern which activities and the best time to invoke their assistance.
●●● Competent: You can trace back the birth stars of other Garou and smell out powerful influences on their lives.
●●●● Expert: You have a keen knowledge of the fine details of Garou astrology and would make a top-notch instructor in the lore.
●●●●● Master: You'll eventually be drawn to the Sept of the Stars.

Possessed by: Aetherial Denizens, Galliards, Garou Astrologers, Sept Of The Stars Members, Theurges, Umbral Travelers.
Specialties: Aetherial Realms, Casting Horroscopes, Comets, Interpretations, Planetary Aspects, Planetary Incarnae.

Covert CultureEdit

In the deadly maze of international intrigue, you know the people, groups, methods and tricks that distinguish a winner from a corpse. Naturally, a hose of other skills help you employ that knowledge, but without a thorough background in the intelligence community, even James Bond would be lost

(Note: Project Twilight and World of Darkness: Demon Hunter X are helpful supplements if you've purchased this Knowledge. Episodes of La Femme Nikita are also recommended).

Novice: You know the names and organization of the secret service departments for the major world powers.
●● Practiced: You keep abreast of every secret service organization in the world, and you know a few tidbits about various "paraintelligence" organizations (e.g., USSpecial Affairs Division, the Arcanum and the Zaibatsu)
●●● Competent: You've heard a few secrets about the heads of the most notorious agencies (like Mossad or the CIA), and you know a handful of facts about most "paraintelligence" groups.
●●●● Expert: True, you know quite a few secrets about many of the world's top intelligence agencies and operations heads...but they know about you, too.
●●●●● Master: Your files contain sensitive data on every major intelligence agency in the world, and a few secrets about the deeply covert agencies as well.

Possessed by: Spies, Terrorists, Counterterrorists, Hackers, Conspiracy Experts, Government Officials, International Informants, Arms Dealers
Specialties: "Paraintelligence," Secret Societies, Investigations, Operations, Agency Heads, Special Projects, Gossip, Personnel, Tactics, Organization, Current Status


You may skillfully compose and interpret codes and ciphers. You can construct a code that can only be cracked by someone who scores as many successes as you have dots in this Knowledge. You can also crack a code, rolling your Knowledge against a difficulty assigned by the Storyteller depending on the code’s complexity.

Student: Grade-school spy farm.
●● College: World puzzle buff, military signals officer.
●●● Masters: Intelligence officer.
●●●● Doctorate: Intelligence cipher specialist.
●●●●● Scholar: The Shadow.

Possessed by: Military Signals Personnel, Puzzle Buffs, Spies.
Specialties: Letter Shifts, Mathematical Encryption, Obscure Character Sets.


You know about different cultures – their morality, manners, methods, and more. With a little time to study, you can discover the social niceties or requirements that a visitor might need to know, or learn enough about different social structures, histories, and customs to avoid making serious blunders. This Knowledge covers the different aspects of a given culture (or cultures), as well as he reasons those structures exist.

Novice: You know a few taboos and social mores.
●● Practiced: You're familiar with a few cultures that resemble your own.
●●● Competent: You're conversant with structures that differ a bit from your native culture.
●●●● Expert: You understand a great deal about many different regions and societies. Given time, you can fit in anywhere.
●●●●● Master: The world is your home.

Possessed by: Activists, Diplomats, Explorers, Sociologists, Wanderers.
Specialties: Art, Politics, Religions, Subcultures, Taboos.


You have a knowledge of explosives and demolitions that allows you to set off and build all types of bombs. You know how to handle nearly anything – dynamite, plastic explosive, nitroglycerin, black powder, blasting cord, even napalm. Additionally, you know the techniques for disarming explosives, which can come in very handy.

Novice: Guy Fawkes.
●● Practiced: Leroy Moody.
●●● Competent: Underground chemist.
●●●● Expert: Blows up Technocracy Constructs for a living.
●●●●● Master: Bye-bye, Pentagon.

Possessed by: Anarchists, Armed Forces Personnel, Police Bomb Squads, Terrorists, War Chantry Cabals.
Specialties: Car Bombs, Detection, Disarmament, Dynamite, Forces Effects, Plastic Explosive.


You've studied the physical composition of the earth. You know something about the physics and chemistry of rock, the formation of landscape features, and other related topics. You can identify the type and probable source of a piece of stone; evaluate a likely place to look for oil, precious metals, and gems; and identify and refine ores. One dot in Science is necessary to take this Knowledge.

Novice: High School.
●● Practiced: College student.
●●● Competent: Grad student or oilman.
●●●● Expert: Professor or prospecting consultant.
●●●●● Master: Research fellow.

Possessed by: Miners, Oilmen, Outdoors Types, Prospectors, Scholars, Structural Engineers.
Specialties: Engineering, Geomorphology, Paleontology, Petrology, Prospecting.


This is the Knowledge to recognize standards and coats of arms, as well as the meaning attached to them. This extends to historic coats of arms, guild seals, and Japanese mon, among others. You can design new seals and coats of arms that heraldic authorities would find acceptable. Successful recognition of a heraldic device automatically imparts a small degree of information about the family or organization it represents.

Student: Amateur.
●● College: Enthusiast, historian, or irregular court attendant.
●●● Masters: Grad student, genealogist, or regular court attendant.
●●●● Doctorate: Professor or junior herald.
●●●●● Scholar: Research fellow or king of arms.

Possessed by: Court Members, Enthusiasts, Genealogists, Heralds, Historians.
Specialties: By Nation, By Period, Mercantile, Modern


You have a working knowledge of herbs and their properties, medicinal and otherwise. You can find and prepare herbs, and know which herb or blend of herbs to use in any situation. This skill will also provide knowledge of the magical lore of plants.

Student: Read a book on it once.
●● College: Serious student.
●●● Masters: Local supplier.
●●●● Doctorate: Author of books on herbalism.
●●●●● Scholar: Herbal doctor.

Possessed by: Holistic Healers, Members of Traditional Culture, New-Agers, Wise Women.
Specialties: Culinary, Hallucinogens, Medicinal, Narcotics, Poisonous, Spirit.

High Ritual (Mage Only)Edit

While just about every mage learns some minor rites and tools to perform magic with ceremony, this Ability covers the nuances of putting on big time rituals. The mage learns everything from how to dress, to what colors match with the spell in question, to how to cut a few corners or eke out a little extra power. A leader of a High Ritual casting may not be the best public speaker or the most charismatic leader, but he knows exactly how to project, move and motivate so as to put every piece into just the right place at the right time.
With High Ritual + Stamina, a mage can continue casting a strenuous chant or rite for several hours, or even for a day or more (at 5+ successes). High Ritual+ Intelligence allows a mage to accumulate extra successes on the ritual beyond the normal Arete x Willpower limit (although the High Ritual roll itself cannot be extended; you have one roll of the Ability to increase the cap for your casting). Particularly specialized High Ritual casters may excel in specific situations as well.

Novice: You've seen a couple of impressive rites.
●● Practiced: With a couple tries you can edge your way through a simple one.
●●● Competent: Practiced and confident, you can lead or participate in a variety of short rituals.
●●●● Expert: Your rites carry the strength of conviction and countless hours of study.
●●●●● Master: Not only can you perform the most demanding rituals, you can fill in missing parts or build your own new sacraments.

Possessed by: Various mages and sorcerers, priests, hip neopagans.
Specialties: Extending ritual, hurried, improvised, massive (more than 9 participants), by specific Tradition style.


You’ve studied the history of a specific area or period, and you understand what happened, when, and why, and who was involved. You also have a fair idea of social, political, economic, and technological conditions in various past times and places. Note that in the case of ancient changelings this Knowledge relates only to times and places that are outside their direct experience. For instance, a changeling born in Victorian London would rely on memory for knowledge of English history and culture, but would use History to uncover information about classical Greece, which was before his time, or about Czarist Russia, which was outside his experience.

Student: Amateur or high school.
●● College: Enthusiast or college student.
●●● Masters: Grad student or author.
●●●● Doctorate: Professor.
●●●●● Scholar: Research fellow.

Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Mentors, Scholars.
Specialties: Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia, Classical, Economic, Intellectual, Medieval, Modern Europe, Political, Renaissance, Social, Technological.

Law EnforcementEdit

Every civilized nation has a law enforcement division, and most have several different branches - local, state, federal, covert and international. You're familiar with these essential agencies - how they run, who runs them, what they do and what they can't do without bending the rules. While the Law Knowledge reflects your understanding of legal principles and procedures, and the Covert Culture Knowledge represents an understanding of the clandestine intelligence community, this Trait represents the practical side of the game. You know about Mirrandizing, evidence contamination, legal representation and the steps that police go through when questioning suspects or containing samples.

Student: Beat cop
●● College: Sergeant
●●● Masters: Chief or DA
●●●● Doctorate: Federal bureau official
●●●●● Scholar: Attoney General

Possessed by: Cops, Lawyers, Government Aides, Government Agents, Gang Bosses, Reporters.
Specialties: Local Beat, Federal Agencies, International Agencies, Courts, Crimes, Customs, Jurisdiction, Occult Crimes, Bending the Rules.


You’re familiar with the literature of one or more nations or historical periods, and know something of the general style and structure of literature – the things that set literature apart from mere fiction or entertainment. You can usually find a witty or appropriate quote, or identify a quotation if you see one.

Student: High school.
●● College: College student.
●●● Masters: Grad student or critic.
●●●● Doctorate: Professional or recognized author.
●●●●● Scholar: Celebrated author.

Possessed by: Authors, Critics, Scholars.
Specialties: American, Asian, Classical, Drama, English, European, Genre, Medieval, Novel, Poetry, Short Story.


With the right connections, you can reach millions of people worldwide. Once you have their attention, you can get them to believe whatever you want them least for a moment. This Knowledge reflects media-savvy - the people, messages, networks, tricks and technology that define the Information Age. You know who to call, what to say, how to get it on the air and why it will stick in the public's mind. By itself, this Trait does not grant privileged access to the media. (See the Background: Influence and the Merit: Ties for that.) Once you get access, though, you'll know how to use it to your best advantage.

Student: Mass-Com major
●● College: Reporter
●●● Masters: Professional Journalist
●●●● Doctorate: Head of a network
●●●●● Scholar: Rupert Murdock

Possessed by: Media Indoctrination Specialists, Reporters, Camera Operators, Editors, Watchdogs, Advertisers, Spin Doctors, Celebrities
Specialties: Spin Control, Advertising, Local News, International, Multi-Media, Internet, TV, Newspapers, Conspiracy, Entertainment, Movies, Leverage, Politics, Blackmail.

Military ScienceEdit

Through intensive study or actual battle experience, you're familiar with the techniques needed to conduct a military campaign. Your knowledge spans the spectrum of war, from the tactics required to command a 10-man squad to the grand strategy needed to command whole armies. You know how best to deploy your forces, cut off supply lines, and capture vital territory.

Novice: Citadel graduate.
●● Practiced: NCO.
●●● Competent: Brigadier general.
●●●● Expert: Julius Caesar.
●●●●● Master: Sun Tzu.

Possessed by: Black Hand Warriors, Ex-Knights, Military Personnel, Wargamers.
Specialties: Large-Scale, Modern, One-On-One, Phalanx, Sabbat, Sieges.


You know all kinds of drugs; street drugs, medicines, herbal concoctions, hypertech variants and even magical brews. A specialty among Progenitors, this Knowledge lets you recognize, synthesize, measure, counter or does someone with a wide range of chemical substances. (Given time and tools, of course.) You might not know everything, but you understand the principles behind drugs and their effects on the body and mind. Once you know the basics, the rest is easier.

Novice: Savvy Pusher
●● Practiced: Pharmacy student or herbal specialist
●●● Competent: Typical Pharmacist
●●●● Expert: Expert with hypermeds and RD potions
●●●●● Master: Master Pharmacopoeist

Possessed by: Progenitors, NWO Interrogators, Mad Scientists, Verbena and Ecstatic Mages with realy good sources.
Specialties: Street drugs, Mundane Meds, Hypermeds, Magical Brews, Herbal Meds, Psychoactives.


You have a working knowledge of poisons, their effects, and antidotes. You can analyze a poison to tell its origin and can prepare a poison or antidote given time and equipment. You must have at least one dot in Science to acquire this Knowledge.

Student: Dabbler.
●● College: Detective, mystery reader.
●●● Masters: Pharmacist, mystery writer.
●●●● Doctorate: Forensic scientist, emergency room doctor.
●●●●● Scholar: Assassin.

Possessed by: Assassins, Detectives, Medics, Mystery Buffs, Nobles, Pharmacists.
Specialties: Analysis, Antidotes, Chemical Poisons, Instant Poisons, Magical Poisons, Plant-Based Poisons, Slow-Build Poisons, Undetectable, Venoms.


A veritable god of consolidation, you excel at making connections, alliances, networks and deals. Most people can't even get an appointment with a powerful person, but you know all the right hands for a power-play. This Knowledge differs slightly from the Talent: Negotiation. That Trait reflects a talent for making people cooperate, while this one shows that you understand who to talk to, how to reach them, what to offer and how far you can pull their strings. Unlike Networking, which simply lets you make contacts and gather information or groups of people, this Knowledge gives you the ability to talk directly to people in positions of authority. You can bring diverse affiliations together for negotiations or cooperative efforts.

Like Networking and Research, this Knowledge tends to be an "off-stage" Ability, used between action scenes to reflect a character "making a few calls". Social rolls (usually Manipulation + Power-Brokering) establish a rapport between parties and allow the negotiations to begin. In conjunction with Backgrounds like Allies, Influence, Mentor, Resources and Spies, Abilities like Etiquette, Intimidation, Media and Negotiation and a few basic Mind Procedures, this Knowledge is powerful indeed. With the right talents, connections and allies a person can arrange almost anything...

Student: You talk to a lot of secretaries
●● College: You can get your foot in the door - and keep it in.
●●● Masters: They know your name
●●●● Doctorate: "Mr. Turner will see you now."
●●●●● Scholar: You dine with world leaders

Possessed by: Diplomats, Journalists, Tycoons, Brokers, Leaders, Celebrities, Representatives, Spies, Receptionists
Specialties: Media, Politics, Schmoozing, High Finance, Underworld, Blackmail, Making Friends


A specialty of Media Relations ops, this Trait reflects a mixture of media savvy, psychology, popspeak and smear tactics. Essentially, you know how to make someone look as bad, or as good, as you want to make him look. You don't need advanced Procedures in order to affect public opinion on a grand scale. Given a few days, some resources (computers, cameras, air time, etc.) and a place to post your "message", you can do wonders without resorting to riskier measures!

Altering public opinion with propaganda is a "downtime" activity. In game terms, you decide what you want to do and how you want to do it. A Manipulation + Propaganda roll or two assures that the public will get your message; the better you roll, the stronger the public's reaction. The roll's difficulty depends on the content of the message and its intentions: Making a popular politician look good is easy, but raising a mob to burn down the local occult bookstore (all without violating FCC regulations) is quite a bit harder. Many NWO and Syndicate ops use this expertise as a focus for subtle Mind Procedures. Others use it to make certain Effects easier. Note that propaganda's effects are neither immediate nor total. The public may be suggestible, but it isn't entirely stupid

Student: Jerry Springer
●● College: Ralph Reed.
●●● Masters: Kenneth Starr
●●●● Doctorate: Noam Chomsky
●●●●● Scholar: Joesf Goebbels

Possessed by: Reporters, Network Heads, Spin Doctors, Media Activists, PR Consultants, Conspiracy Theorists, Men in Grey, Media Ops, TV Executives, Film & TV Directors
Specialties: Celebrity Endorsements, Politics, Smears, Spin Control, Military, Advertising, Foreign "Markets", Sex, Scandal, Elections, Regulations, Subliminals, Total Fiction (see Wag the Dog), Manufacturing Consent


You have a formal education in the science of human nature. You know the modern theories of emotion, cognitive development, personality, perception, and learning. Though this is largely a scholarly understanding of the human psyche, it can be used practically to understand those around you.

Student: High school.
●● College: College student.
●●● Masters: Grad student.
●●●● Doctorate: Professor.
●●●●● Scholar: Theorist.

Possessed by: Counselors, Psychologists, Researchers, Scientists, Teachers.
Specialties: Animals, Behaviorism, Developmental, Experimental, Freudian, Humanist, Jungian.

RD DataEdit

You know details about Reality Deviants - werebeasts, bloodsuckers and rival wizards. While many of your colleagues thing "shoot on sight" is all they need to know about such things, you've made a point of studying their societies. After all, a good soldier understands his targets.

Essentially, this Knowledge corresponds to Lore; you know details about creatures and societies outside your Union. Each form of Data (Vampire, Werebeast, etc), comes as a separate Trait. It's worth noting that, like other kinds of Lore, this Knowledge is not 100% accurate. The Technocracy has its own particular misunderstandings about the creatures of the night, and its agents tend to view things through that lens. You may understand that werewolves are tribal beings, you might even know a few of the tribal names, but you won't be talking about "weavers" and "gaia" anytime soon...or ever, for that matter. You know better.

Student: You know they're out there.....
●● College: You've heard a few names and habits
●●● Masters: These things have a social structure, and you've begun to understand it.
●●●● Doctorate: You're privy to a few secrets they don't want you to know
●●●●● Scholar: Although your knowledge may be a know quite a bit about their habits, names, beliefs and other details.

Possessed by: Men in Black, Field Ops, Strategists, Intelligence Analysts, Interrogators
Specialties: Werebeast, Supersitionist, Infernalist, Marauder, Vampire, Ghost, Faerie


A seneschal is someone who is responsible for managing and maintaining a home, property, or organization. This can include bookkeeping, managing workers, hosting visitors, and anything that falls under general upkeep. Both of the boggan birthrights make boggans well suited for seneschal duties and their practice of maintaining some sort of homestead gives them ample opportunity to be official or unofficial seneschals of some sort. Seneschal is an actual title that a noble gives to the one responsible for running their freehold; it is a title given to more boggans then any of the other commoner kiths.

The seneschal ability can be used for smoothly hosting events, general maintenance, and evaluating how well another household is operating.

Student: You can generally keep a small homestead running smoothly.
●● College: You’re great at managing money and can easily entertain guests now and then.
●●● Masters: You can run a large freehold almost single-handedly.
●●●● Doctorate: You could hold the seneschal title in the hold of a duke or king.
●●●●● Scholar: You could keep a home running smoothly during a blackout when all of the local sidhe and redcaps arrived for dinner unexpectedly.

Specialties: Nobles, Commoners, Seelie, Unseelie, Freeholds, Accounting, Hosting, Kitchens, Managing.

Science SpecialtiesEdit

The subtleties of science are many and varied, especially for those who employ them. Characters who specialize in one type of science (Biology, Mathematics, Engineering, Cybernetics, etc.) more than others should simply take that Science as a separate Knowledge with specific applications outside of the more general body of knowledge that’s presented by the Science Trait.

Student: A basic understanding of the concepts involved.
●● College: A working knowledge of the subject.
●●● Masters: Good enough to bend the rules without breaking them.
●●●● Doctorate: Extensive and esoteric theories.
●●●●● Scholar: You know so much that you can prove anything you want within your chosen field.

Possessed by: Research Technicians, Scientists.
Specialties: Astronomy, Biology, Cybernetics, Genetics, Metallurgy, Meteorology, Virology, Any other type of specific science.

Sign LanguageEdit

Sign Language can be bought as a Linguistics Merit. Not all sign languages are the same. You must declare each language separately. Ninja, deaf people, spies, and societies like the Freemasons all have their own separate hand codes. These must generally be taught by a member of a select group; obtaining this training may range from easy to nearly impossible.

Subdimensions (Technocracy Only)Edit

Ours is one of many dimensions. For safety reasons, the Masses have not been exposed to the true scope of such Otherworlds. You have. Although these weird realms are unmappable (despite the Union's best efforts), they do conform to certain rules, and you know what they are. In addition to classroom training, you've been across the Barriers several times, and you know how to handle yourself in various retrograde dimensions. Someday, you'll tame these wild aberations. For now, however, they still continue to be fascinating avenues for study. Just be careful out there!

In game terms, this Knowledge is essentially the Technocratic version of Cosmology. It allows you to navigate through the Otherworlds with some accuracy, gives you a basic understanding of these Dimensions and helps you process the weird stuff you see while you're on the other side

Student: "....My's...."
●● College:You can handle yourself without losing either dignity or direction
●●● Masters: A seasoned Void Engineer
●●●● Doctorate: You're comfortable on either side of the Barriers.
●●●●● Scholar: Psych regularly evaluates your sanity.

Possessed by: Void Engineers, Net-Ops, Special-Assignment Agents, Werebeast-Hunters
Specialties: Deep Universe, Near Universe, Navigation, Astral Travel, Space-Walking, Denizens, Weird Shit


You can take an animal apart and preserve all the bits and pieces, not just the skins and heads. Your deerskins won’t rot, and your raven claws won’t smell funny. Moreover, you can make sure newts’ eyes will stay fresh for years.

Student: The newts should freeze well.
●● College: Nobody will buy from you, but you should be able to cure a pelt or properly preserve a snake in formaldehyde.
●●● Masters: Relatives who like animal heads nailed to their walls appreciate your presents. Others find your hobby distasteful because the animals don’t look alive either.
●●●● Doctorate: You could get a job at the natural history museum. Old ladies who want their Chihuahuas stuffed come to you, and your frog toes are as fresh as the day you got them.
●●●●● Scholar: You probably embalmed the pharaohs in a past life. Your work looks like it’s going to get up and run off at any moment.

Possessed by: Furriers, High School Science Teachers, Hunters, Morticians, Serial Killers.
Specialties: Embalming, Preserving, Tanning, Techniques of Frankenstein, Trophies, Victims.


Terrorism is the new form of warfare. You understand it to a frightening degree - the tactics, the tools, the people, the groups, their staging-grounds and the web of politics and protocols that surround them all. As a member of the Technocracy, you probably practice counter-terrorism and minimize the damage these jackals do. On the other hand, terror is an effective tool, and it may occasionally be used against those who refuse all other forms of discourse...

Student: You know the major organizations, their leaders, ideologies, and usual targets.
●● College: You work with the UN Security Council.
●●● Masters: You know the majors, the fringes and the fakes
●●●● Doctorate:Mossad would like a word with you
●●●●● Scholar: Mossad works for you.

Possessed by: Counter-Terrorists, War Buffs, Commandos, Reporters, Diplomats, Terrorists, Spies, Millitary Officials.
Specialties: Domestic Terror, Kidnapping, Ideology, "Celebrities", Secrets, Networks, Tactics, Sponsors, Weapons


Religion is a familiar aspect of human endeavor, and you fully understand its place in the world. At higher levels, this Knowledge imparts an appreciation of all religious beliefs, while individuals with less skill tend to view their own beliefs as intrinsically superior to any others. This, of course, varies with the individual. Possession of this Knowledge in no way requires personal belief in the tenets of any specific religion.

Student: Participant.
●● College: Altar boy.
●●● Masters: Priest.
●●●● Doctorate: Professor.
●●●●● Scholar: Theologian.

Possessed by: Clergy, Laity, Missionaries, Religious Orders, Theologians.
Specialties: Agnosticism, Buddhist, Christian, Comparative, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Liberation, Rituals, Scripture, Wicca, Women’s Theology (often called Theaology).


What's their pleasure? Whatever it is, you know where to find it, how to get it for a good price and who to ask for the best stuff. Drugs, hookers, clubs, gambling - you know the people, the places and the prices by name. Chances are, you're recognized in all the "right" circles, either as a good customer, as a soft touch, or as a hard-ass...all of which can be useful if you've got someone to impress. While the details are location-based (few New Yorkers know the prostitutes in Bangkok), you've got a good idea how and where to find thrills. Some things are universal. The Streetwise Talent helps you to recognize and avoid gangs, criminals and street people, as well as how to get your hands on guns, money and illicit good; but with Vice, you're a master of the deals that please

Student: Mr. Bachelor Party
●● College: Concierge or taxi driver
●●● Masters: Vice cop
●●●● Doctorate: "Made man."
●●●●● Scholar: Vice overlord

Possessed by: Gangsters, Businessmen, Newscasters, Cops, Spies, Undercover Ops, Syndicate Managers, Blackmailers, Procurers
Specialties: Drugs, Nightclubs, Strip Clubs, Gambling, Sex, Bars, Forbidden Thrills, Blackmail, Parties, Important Players, Bribery.

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