To make his desires a reality, a mage needs more than just willpower. He also needs a profound grasp of the underlying elements of the cosmos. Long ago, the predecessors of today’s magical practitioners divided these component elements into nine Spheres of Knowledge to ease the daunting task of studying the nature of reality. A mage facilitates his understanding by focusing on the individual  aspect of reality that each Sphere represents, rather than trying to take in and affect reality as a whole. Although each Tradition is biased towards one favored Sphere as a group, any individual mage may study any Sphere. Despite the vastly different ways in which the various Traditions interpret the Spheres (frequently using completely different sets of symbology and premises), the basic principle remains the same. First, a thing is conceived, beginning as an abstract idea of Prime which finds focus in the Mind and receives  substance through the Spirit, leading to a Pattern gleaned from the Spheres of Forces, Life and Matter. This form is then perceived through its interaction with Correspondence and Time before succumbing to Entropy so that the whole process might start anew.

The SpheresEdit


All points in space are one. Command of this Sphere allows a mage to transcend the constraints of space and distance.


Things fall apart. The Wheel turns on its inexorable course, destroying what exists to make way for new growth. This Sphere encompasses both fortune and destruction.


This Sphere provides its students command over the fundamental forces of the universe. Electromagnetism, fire, gravity, kinetic energy and nuclear power all  are within its purview.


The biology of all life forms (from simple viruses to the complexity of the human body)  fall under this  Sphere’s control. Biological functions may be sped up, slowed down or even completely rewritten at the whim of the mage who masters the Sphere.


This Sphere encompasses the study of material, inorganic patterns. Everything from simple analyses of chemical composition to the transmutation of base metals into gold is possible using the magic of Matter.


The study of sentience, perhaps even separate from the biological brain, is the goal of this Sphere. It allows the mage to plumb the depths of his own consciousness and unlock the powers within.


This Sphere covers the study of Quintessence, the raw stuff of Awakened Magic. Mages trained in this Sphere understand and manipulate creation at its most basic, learning to detect, absorb and alter this mysterious Fifth Essence.


Knowledge of the Umbra and its inhabitants comes from studying this Sphere. The mage who commands its power  may converse with spirits and travel to their realms (albeit with difficulty).


This Sphere promulgates the subjectivity of time. Using it, a mas may manipulate the perception and passage of time for himself and others.

These rather arbitrary divisions of reality are by no means accepted by all. (Some Tradition mass suspect that it was originally  posited by the Order of Reason.) Regardless, the division of the nine Spheres remains a useful model by which mages may communicate the components of their Art.


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