Your character's temporary and permanent Willpower ratings measure her ability to control the urges and desires that threaten to overtake her. They represent her strength of will in the face of opposition, her ability to steel herself against manipulating forces, and her determination in the face of temptation. Like the other Temper Traits, a character has both a temporary and a permanent Willpower rating.

When you use a point of Willpower, you spend it from your temporary pool, not from your permanent pool. The permanent pool merely serves as a ceiling on the amount of spendable, temporary Willpower that a character can have and defines her maximum potential. Any time your character is required to make a Willpower roll, you should use the permanent pool unless the rule specifically says otherwise. Temporary Willpower fluctuates a great deal during play. If a character has no Willpower left, he can no longer exert himself the way he once did. He is mentally exhausted and can't rouse himself enough to give a damn.

NOTE: If you have no temporary points left in your Willpower, then you may convert a permanent point into a number of temporary points equal to your character's new permanent total. You will not regain that permanent point of Willpower unless you purchase a new dot with Experience Points.

●● Timid
●●● Unassertive
●●●● Diffident
●●●●● Certain
●●●●● ● Confident
●●●●● ●● Strong-Willed
●●●●● ●●● Controlled
●●●●● ●●●● Iron-Willed
●●●●● ●●●●● Unshakable

Spending WillpowerEdit

  • A temporary Willpower Point can purchase one automatic success on a dice roll. You may only spend one point per turn, but it gives you a single guaranteed success. Thus it's possible for your character to succeed automatically at any simple action by asserting his will. The Storyteller may prohibit such a use of Willpower in certain situations.
  • You can spend a point of temporary Willpower to have your character avoid some instinctual or primal reaction. This includes overcoming phobias, countering a supernaturally imposed urge, or controlling overwhelming emotions. You spend a point of temporary Willpower so that your character can avoid the undesirable reaction and do as he pleases. However, the Storyteller may decide that, over time, the feeling returns and the expenditure of more points may be required.
  • When a character is injured, her wounds can make it hard for her to concentrate, represented by wound penalties to her actions. By spending a point of Willpower, she can ignore the wound penalties on a single roll.
  • Changeling - Temporary Willpower has the ability to contain and control the effects of Bedlam. A special kind of insanity to which many changelings succumb, Bedlam impedes a changeling's ability to think rationally and affects his perceptions. By spending a temporary Willpower Point, the character can regain some of his mental faculties and for a short time, his perceptions clear. This doesn't cure the Bedlam, but only serves as a temporary fix.
  • Werewolf - Halting Frenzies: A character flies into a frenzy whenever her player rollsmore than four successes on a Rage roll. This situation can be averted if the player spends a Willpower point to remain in control.
  • Mage - Mages and Sorcerers can spend a Willpower (And take a +3 difficulty) to surpass their necessary foci, essentially using 'will' as their explanation for how they're doing magic. This doesn't work for technomancers, due to their reliance on Science and material things to explain what they're doing.
  • A sorcerer can use a temporary Willpower to hang a spell or ritual, which applies a +1 difficulty to the casting and all mental/social actions until the spell is released.
  • Vampire - Temporary Willpower has the ability to contain and control the effects of Frenzy and Rotscherek. Frenzy can happen when a Vampire goes without blood for too long, or takes damage. Rotscherek, also called The Red Fear, is a fear response to Fire, or the Sun. By spending a temporary Willpower Point, the character can hold off the effects of either of these.

Regaining WillpowerEdit

Permanent Willpower points may only be purchased with Experience Points. A character can recover temporary Willpower, on the other hand, through a number of methods described below.

  • At the end of a story (not just a game session), as determined by the Storyteller, all characters completely regain all their temporary Willpower up to a ceiling equal to their permanent rating. The Storyteller may wish to restrict this if the characters didn't come away from the story with a feeling of accomplishment and pride.
  • After a solid night's sleep, a character recovers a point of temporary Willpower. She must dream, however, and the sleep must be peaceful and uninterrupted. The character must awaken refreshed and invigorated. If the character's sleep is troubled or interrupted, the Storyteller has the option not to award the temporary Willpower Point.
  • At the Storyteller's discretion, a character may regain temporary Willpower through the accomplishment of a goal related to her Quest, as dictated by her personality Archetypes. The Storyteller may award from one to five temporary Willpower Points depending on the grandeur of the accomplishment.

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