Garou Character CreationEdit

The following is a step-by-step guide to creating a Garou character for New Orleans by Night. The information here may be altered to conform to room and venue-specific rules, and takes precedence over other sources (be it the books themselves, or online resources, including those approved for room use).

Character ConceptEdit

  • Character Name
  • Archetypes
  • Breed
  • Tribe (See above for restricted and allowed Tribes)
  • Auspice
  • Rank (Pre-change, Cub, or Cliath only)
  • Deed Name

Select AttributesEdit

Prioritize the three categories: Physical, Social, Mental. (7/5/3) (These stats start at 1.)

Select AbilitiesEdit

Prioritize the three categories: Talents, Skills, Knowledges. (13/9/5) (These stats start at 0 and cannot exceed 3 before Freebies are spent.)

† - Characters that have completed their Rite of Passage receive up to 3 free dots in applicable lores to represent what they've learned. These correspond to character type and may include general Shifter lore, Tribal lore, or other lore.

Select AdvantagesEdit

  • Backgrounds (5) (Restricted Backgrounds: Fetish, Spirit Companion, Totem - these must be discussed with an ST prior to submission)
  • Gifts - (One each based on Breed, Auspice, and Tribe.)
  • Rites - (Based on Rites Background and Rituals Knowledge. Cubs can enact non-Tribal Rank 1 gifts and Minor Rites, as well as a few handpicked Level 1 Rites once they've learned them)

Finishing TouchesEdit

  • Record Starting Willpower, Rage(Based on Auspice), Gnosis(Based on Breed)
  • Select Merits - This is an optional step. Merits cost a number of Freebies equal to their listed point value. A character may not exceed 10 points in Merits without ST permission.
  • Select Flaws - This is an optional step. Flaws grant a number of Freebies equal to their listed point value. A character cannot gain more than 7 points from Flaws.
  • Spend Freebie Points (15) - Additional dots are purchased at the costs listed in the table below. A character with a written character history of sufficient length and detail receives 10 extra Freebie points to round out their sheet
  • Note Starting Renown according to Auspice on the Renown Chart (If you're a pre-change or cub then ignore this, you will note your starting Renown after your Rite of Passage)
Area Freebie Cost
Attributes 5 points per dot.
Willpower† 1 point per dot.
Abilities 2 points per dot.
Backgrounds 1 point per dot.
Gifts 7 points per dot.
Rage† 1 point per dot.
Gnosis† 2 points per dot.
  • Determine Specialties - Attributes or Abilities 4 dots or higher must be given a specialization for the character to receive additional successes on rolled 10s.
  • Record Notes - Provide additional information on freebie expenditures, Backgrounds, Merits, and Flaws.
  • Write Character History - Chronicle the events that have shaped your character's life making them who they are. Cover their life before the First Change, and the impact the change had on them. Detail their role in Garou society, and cover any significant stats or Merits and Flaws found on the character sheet.

† - Gnosis, Willpower, and Rage can never exceed 6 on a new application.


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