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New Orleans is one of the world's most fascinating cities. Steeped in a history of influences from Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and beyond, it's home to a truly unique melting pot of culture, food and music.

It’s a great city to walk around, anchored by the beguiling French Quarter and the adjoining faubourgs (originally, ‘suburbs’). Despite the city’s bawdy reputation, it’s the moment when things are quiet – late afternoon when everyone is at the hotel getting ready to go out, early morning when the light explodes on the city and work crews come out to spray away last night’s sins – that New Orleans reveals its subtler charms.

Yet under all the hustle and bustle of human life in the Big Easy there is a world which mortals eyes are blind; a world where vampires, some young, some very ancient, stalk the night, among a myriad of other creatures..Werewolves fighting to save their mother earth Gaia, Mages who can reweave reality at will, Hunters who seek to eradicate and/or study the supernatural. Intrigue, politics, scandals, violence, all this you will find when the veil is torn from your eyes and you behold the world of darkness, a world that is not for the meek at heart.

About UsEdit

New Orleans by Night is a World of Darkness based, text chatroom on IMC (Illusionary Minds Chat). The room is set in modern day and we run by 3rd edition and 20th Aniversary WoD rules. Character sheets are required for play and must be submitted to Players are allowed to play-test a character for two weeks. After the two week playtest is over, characters -must- be submitted for approval, however may continue to be played after submission. Please see the individual system pages for rules and character creation guidelines. If you have any questions please direct them either to GloryChan or Masq. Contact information can be found on the Contact page.

Room GuidelinesEdit

1. Adhere to the Illusionary Minds Chat Terms of Service found Here and the Site Rules Here

2.This webpage will NOT be maliciously tampered with and will not go down without a replacement page in place or otherwise leave the room without a homepage. It may be continued to be used by the room, even if the webmaster/designer leaves their position for any reason.

3. Picture Limits: 450x450. No nudity, genitalia, female nipples, or excessive violence/gore

4. Please show respect to the staff as well as to other players, this means no flaming, snarky or derogatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, gender, writing quality & quantity etc. If you have a problem with something another person says or does please discuss it in PM or report it to the staff. And on the flip side, if a staff memeber is engaged in malicious and abusive behavior, please take a screenshot of this behavior (on or off site) and forward it to the adminship. If you provide no proof of abusive behavior, admins can not help the player.

5. If a staff member makes a ruling about something that ruling is final. If one staffer says means no. This does not mean a player should go to other staffers until they get the ruling

6. This is the World of Darkness; character death, ghouling, embracing, etc can and will happen. However please be respectfull of other players wishes in regards to their character. PM the player before running such a scene and ask if the player is cool with whatever you have planned especially if it involves character death. No one likes to lose a character that they may have played for a long time, and grown attached to; but do not use it as an excuse to go crazy. IC actions have IC reactions. If your character breaks the Masquerade or does something else that would warrent character death be prepared for the Prince to uphold the Traditions and dole out punishment.

7. This site will run by 3.5/(V20) edition creation rules. Character sheets are required to be submitted for approval in New Orleans by Night in order to play, however there is a two-week play-testing period where you do not have to send in the sheet. After those two weeks the sheet must be submitted for approval, however you may continue to play after submission.

8. Please put the status of said character (Ie: Playtesting, Applied, Approved) and list the start date of Playtesting in your tag so we know. Email to make submissions is: . When applying, in the subject body, please list the character name and system to which you are applying. IE.. Joe Bloe (Tradition Mage)

9. An ST may be called upon to moderate any combat scenes if the participants so desire. In such cases, all rulings made by the ST overseeing is to be adhered to.

10. This room is rated Adult. Meaning please be aware that roleplays might contains violence, blood shed, swearing, and adult themes. Please keep this to IC, we will not tollerate OOC bad mouthing of other players. Also if you have a problem with gay, bisexual, or lesbian themes this room is not for you. Any scenes that get a bit too intimately graphic please take to PM or Private Rooms if someone asks you to.

11. Rules are subject to modification and addition so please keep an eye on the main page blog section or forums for any additions or changes.


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